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Can dogs eat goji berries

Goji berries are often considered dog food because of the rich ingredients and benefits that come along with them. People know that they are good and healthy but they may ask, can dogs eat Goji berries?

Well, the answer is yes as the dogs can eat goji berries but some factors need to be considered such as how to prepare goji berries for dogs and how much goji berries are good for dogs? This guide will dive you into the useful information related to this very topic.

Can dogs eat goji berries

What are Goji berries

Goji berries are native to Asia and are widely exported by countries like China, Vietnam, Japan, etc. They are red when ripe and have a bit small size as compared to normal berries. They are almost like pumpkin seeds but have a thin shape.

They give a juicy and extremely tasty feel when they are ripe, fresh, and in normal form but with the passage of time, berries dry up and become more sugary and delicious. Dried berries are often liked the most and eaten as a snack.

Are Goji berries ok for dogs

Goji berries are okay for dogs or it can be said that they are beneficial as well because of their rich nutrients and minerals. Goji berries can become a hazard only if you feed your dog as a permanent food item or in excessive amounts.

Are Goji berries good for dogs with diabetes

Not at all, not only just goji berries but any kind of berries should be avoided if your dog has diabetes. Goji berries contain a good amount of sugar which is normal for dogs having good health conditions but can put your dog into some emergency if they have diabetes.

Do Goji berries have toxicity

Goji berries cannot cause toxicity if given a moderate amount. If you feed in excessive amount, goji berries can easily cause toxicity which can further lead to some other issues such as:

  • Berries poisoning.
  • Difficulty in breathing.
  • Diarrhea.
  • Upset stomach.
  • Vomiting.
  • Pain in the digestive system.

Goji berries can also react to some medicines given to canine pets. It is recommended not to feed goji berries or consult a doctor if your dog is on some kind of medication.

Can dogs eat dried Goji berries

Dogs can eat dried berries but their amount should be even less than the fresh goji berries. The reason is that the amount of sugar increases a bit in dried berries as all the juice ends up drying inside the berry shell.

How many Goji berries are good for dogs

There are no certain experiments that can give an exact count but vets and experts recommend only to feed goji berries as you feed your dog any other snack just to taste something new.

Do keep this fact in mind that goji berries are just snacks and they should not be included in the daily diet of your dog. Goji berries should only be given at a maximum of once a week or better if given after even a long period than a week.

What happens after eating too many Goji berries

Eating too many goji berries at the same time or regularly can lead to short-term as well as long-term health issues and actual disease.

The most common issues include vomiting, diarrhea, disturbed stomach, pain in the digestive tract, etc. Talking about long-term or major diseases, eating too many goji berries, or adding them into your dog’s daily routine can become a cause of diabetes in your canine.

Advantages of feeding Goji berries to your dogs

Better Immunity:

Illness, allergic reactions, diseases, bacterial infections, and other health issues are most common in pets and especially dogs.

Bacterias tend to live in the dog’s hair and can cause various kinds of infections that keep the dog ill, weak, and lazy.

Goji berries have ingredients that make a dog’s immune system more powerful so that it can withstand and protect itself from bacterial infections.

Enhances the Eye Sight:

Eyesight is one of the most important things that need to be perfect especially for the dogs as they can see in the dark as well.

Eyesight can get affected due to various factors such as age, health, diet, or sometimes eye diseases as well.

Goji berries cannot only maintain the eyesight in its best form but enhance it if the dog is experiencing any issues in sighting during the day or night.

Stops Inflammation:

Some certain types of medications and pollen can cause allergies to your dogs. Inflammation is very common in dogs and it can be caused due to various reasons.

It is difficult for pet parents to treat dogs for each cause of inflammation which makes goji berries one of the best options to stop inflammation.

Goji berries are widely referred to as anti-inflammatory and used as a proper cure for this purpose.

Nutrients and Minerals:

Goji berries are filled with a good amount of various nutrients and minerals. These are the actual factors that bring the above-mentioned benefits to your dog’s health. Some of the most prominent nutrients that come with eating goji berries include:

  • Vitamin C
  • Fiber
  • Iron
  • Calcium
  • Protein
  • Calories
  • Vitamin A

Berries include fats as well but in minimum quantities that range from about 0.1% to 0.2% in about 30 grams of goji berries.

Can Goji berries cause allergic reactions to dogs

It is rare and can be said that there are almost less than 1% chances of getting an allergy after eating goji berries. Although the chances are low, there are still possibilities that your dog may be one from the 1% category, that’s why it is recommended to feed in a little amount at first to see your dog’s reaction and then proceed further.

How to make Goji berries best for your dogs

Dogs can eat both fresh and dried goji berries but it is better to prepare them in the best suitable form so that dogs can enjoy them without worrying about any health issues.

  • Remove stems from the berries. Even if berries are detached from the stems, it is recommended to verify that the small particles don’t go inside the dog’s stomach.
  • It is best to only give one berry at a time. It is scientifically proven that no matter what kind of food it is, eating one by one brings more benefits as compared to eating in bulk.
  • Although it is best to feed your dog with your own hand if you are a bit busy, place berries in a small bowl with narrowed side walls so that berries don’t fall out of it.

What to do if a dog is experiencing Goji berries poisoning

Although it is extremely rare, poisoning can occur due to eating goji berries. This usually happens when a dog eats a lot at the same time. If you notice any signs of poisoning, let your dog drink a good amount of water so that toxicity can be mitigated.

Using activated charcoal is also a good option because it cannot only absorb and remove toxins from the body but can trigger vomiting as well. The latter option should only be practiced after contacting a vet on the phone.

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