Last Updated : November 26, 2022

Can dogs eat jackfruit

Jackfruit has been eaten in Sub-Saharan Africa and India for thousands of years and is starting to gain interest as a substitute for meat in the USA. But, can you also share it with your fur baby? Can dogs eat jackfruit?

Is jackfruit safe for your dog

The truth is that little is known about jackfruit’s safety for dogs although there are many indications that this is not toxic for canines.

Can dogs eat jackfruit

As of writing, there is no certainty if it is safe for canines to eat jackfruit or not. In the areas where it is common to find jackfruit trees, many insects and mammals like eating the jackfruit that fell to the ground without any problem.

Also, a quick search online will make you see those videos of dogs while munching on jackfruit. It might be safe to assume that the owners of these videos would have removed the videos if their pets suffered from toxic side effects.

Considering the species of fruits related to jackfruit, many of them seem to be edible enough for canines. However, as stated earlier. There are not enough details out there that will help you make a definitive decision about the safety of jackfruit for all dogs. This is not a surprise if you consider that it was only during the 1990s when grapes were discovered to be toxic for dogs even if they have been around for much longer.

When trying to gauge the safety of jackfruit for dogs, you might want to know first the pros and cons associated with it before feeding it to your pup. This way, you can have all the necessary information to help you reach an informed and educated decision. The following are some evidence of the potential safety of jackfruit for dogs:

  • Mulberry, the closest cousin of jackfruit, is a fruit considered safe for canine consumption.
  • A certain study discovered that cooked seeds of jackfruits are nontoxic for humans.
  • Most wild mammals feed on fallen jackfruit assumed to be in a safe way.

However, there are also several pieces of evidence why you should be careful when feeding jackfruit to your dog:

  • Fig, another close cousin of jackfruit, can cause some mild symptoms in canines that are allergic to it.
  • The skin and seeds of jackfruit is hard and may cause blockages.
  • Most types of seeds are actually toxic to canines and jackfruit seeds happen to be bigger than most seeds out there.
  • There was a person with latex allergy recorded to have died because of anaphylaxis after eating jackfruit.

Does jackfruit have the potential of being good for your dog

It is unsure if the benefits that humans can get from eating jackfruit are the same for canines. Jackfruit is purported to have several health benefits for humans. However, there is little to no evidence about it when it comes to dogs.

But, the nutritional analysis discovered that it is high in water and fiber that is good for gut health. But, jackfruit is also high in sugar coming from carbohydrates that can lead to weight gain in your dog.

It is also said that jackfruit has high levels of vitamin B6. However, dogs should receive enough amounts of B5 from their diet so it doesn’t have to be a major concern.

It is also likely for jackfruit to be a bit better than water and sugar with some fiber added.

Can your dog have cooked jackfruit

Maybe. You can cook jackfruit but see to it that it doesn’t contain any toxic ingredients for your dog before you test giving it to him. Cooking jackfruit doesn’t make much difference on whether it is safe for your dog or not. This means that it is still unknown if dogs can eat cooked jackfruit.

Should you decide to give some cooked jackfruit to your dog, make sure that you check first what was used for cooking jackfruit to ensure that no toxins are added. Onions and garlic are some of the common cooking ingredients that must never be added since these are dangerous for canines.

Can your dog eat jackfruit chips

Yes, jackfruit chips may be fine for your dog to eat. These snacks are prepared using the flesh of jackfruit and often don’t contain any dangerous ingredients. This is usually no different than banana chips, apple chips, or chips of other fruits.

Can your dog eat jackfruit flesh

Probably. Jackfruit flesh may be fine to give to dogs in most cases. This flesh is the one found inside the fruit. When it comes to jackfruit, the problem lies with the skin because it is pitted and hard. Excessive amounts of jackfruit skin may also lead to intestinal blockage. This condition can be fatal for canines and something that you would never want your dog to experience. Jackfruit flesh should just be fine for dogs, especially when cut to smaller pieces.

Can your dog eat jackfruit pulp

The pulp or flesh of the jackfruit is the part that many people are usually familiar with. When underripe, this can be used as a substitute for meat thanks to its texture that resembles pulled pork. You can eat the pulp either raw or cooked.

But, although there are no case reports or scientific toxicity studies on jackfruit, it doesn’t necessarily mean that it is safe because it is only recently that this fruit has found its way to homes and shops. This means that it is likely for reports to be quite rare, with vets probably not realizing a pattern yet.

As mentioned earlier, there are some online videos of dogs feeding on jackfruit pulp, which makes it seem like it is safe enough, aside from the fact that other fruits that are closely related to jackfruit are safe for dogs to eat.

It is also not a secret that other mammals can eat jackfruit with no problems at all. It might be fine to feed jackfruit to dogs although there is nothing definite here so you might want to ask yourself first if the risk will be worth it.

Can your dog have jackfruit seeds

No, your dog should never eat jackfruit seeds at all.

The seeds of jackfruit have high amounts of thiamine, phosphorus, and magnesium, all of which are trace nutrients required by a dog to stay healthy. Jackfruit seeds are known as non-toxic for humans, consumed for many centuries, especially in Brazil where they are considered as important additions to their diet.

But, most of the things that are safe for humans may not be safe for dogs. In general, jackfruit seeds also contain cyanide that might cause an issue for dogs. It is unknown if jackfruit seeds can be considered toxic to canines. However, what is known is that they can pose some risks. The seeds of jackfruit are quite big, almost the same size as grapes.

Seeds may also create a choking hazard similar to grapes as well. On top of that, they can be very hard and difficult to digest, particularly for dogs. Dogs that eat jackfruit seeds may end up struggling with digesting them, leading to an upset tummy or worse, even blockages. Despite the amazing nutrients found in jackfruit seeds, it will be better to avoid letting Fido munch on them.

Can your dog eat a jackfruit whole

No, dogs cannot eat jackfruit whole. In the first place, jackfruit can get quite big and weigh as much as 100 pounds! This means that it is not likely for your dog to swallow it whole.

The skin of jackfruit is also very bumpy and tough. Your dog may think of it as his new tasty toy with some bumps that can massage their gum. The issue occurs when your pup ends up tearing up a piece and swallowing it. The skin of jackfruit is also indigestible, causing an issue for your pet.

Jackfruit skin, once eaten, may irritate the gullet, mouth, guts, and stomach of your dog because of its pitted, fibrous, and thick surface. Although very tiny pieces of jackfruit can make it through your dog’s guts and even pass smoothly, the bigger pieces of skin might get stuck and form a blockage.

Once this happens, can make your pooch ill and prevent him from digesting his food, leading to abdominal pain that can cause vomiting in the end. The skin’s rough texture may even saw through the guts of your dog at the area where the blockage occurred.

This can release harmful gut contents to the abdomen that may become fatal in the end. You need to contact your vet for advice if your pet managed to snag some jackfruit skin off the counter.

The Bottom Line

There is still no solid evidence about jackfruit’s toxicity to dogs. However, since this fruit is still relatively new in other countries, it might be safer to avoid sharing it with your pet.

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