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Can dogs eat muscadines [What You Need to Know]

Pert parents love their dogs and want to share every snack with them so that they can taste it as well. Well, this is a good habit to strengthen your bond with your dogs and make them feel happy as well but some food items are just not good for the dogs.

Grapes and raisins are widely considered as the most toxic food items for dogs and they can cause serious and immediate reactions. So the question here is, can dogs have muscadines?

Can dogs eat muscadines

Well, the answer is fairly simple but this guide will give you solid reasons while talking about each aspect of muscadines and their effects on dogs.

What are muscadines

Muscadines is one of the oldest grape species being cultivated in various parts of the world. Today, they are widely found in different regions of the United States of America, especially in the southeastern and south-central areas. Muscadine is one of the grape species but it is cultivated in clusters.

This is the reason that its production quantity is about 8 to 10 times more than normal grapes. Muscadines are most commonly used in manufacturing vine and are also categorized as grapevine species.

Are muscadines harmful to dogs

In simple words, yes muscadines or any other kind of grapes are harmful to dogs. They are toxic and shouldn’t be given even in minimum quantities. Muscadines can cause grape poisoning and lead to some major issues in your dogs that may not be able to be treated as well.

Experts and researchers are constantly working to know the actual ingredients of grape that cause that extreme toxicity but haven’t found any pinpoint till now. Pet parents are prohibited to feed muscadines or graphs even if they are cultivated at home, without using any pesticides, organically.

Can eating only one grape cause any issues to dogs

There is no exact count still predicted by the experts that can cause issues in dogs. While talking in terms of wide assumptions, a very large dog with a good health condition can easily survive one or maybe two grapes as well but a small puppy will not be able to withstand the toxicity of even only one grape.

Are dogs allergic to muscadines

The answer can go both ways because dogs are actually not allergic to muscadines but some or maybe one of the substances in it has an extreme level of toxicity which is not so good for dogs. This toxicity makes dogs allergic to muscadines and leads them to different kinds of health issues or maybe renal failure as well after eating muscadines.

Are muscadines poisonous for dogs

It can be said that muscadines are poisonous for dogs as eating a small amount of them can directly affect the digestive system in a bad manner. Vets and experts claim that the most common part of the body where muscadines make their first attack is the dog’s kidney. They have toxicity and poison that can become a cause of kidney failure in a single stroke.

Can muscadines increase sugar in dogs

No doubt muscadines give a sweet and mixed taste but there is no extreme amount of sugar in them. You can rest assured that muscadines can never increase the level of sugar in dogs’ blood.

But as there are consequences that come with feeding muscadines to your dogs, it is always best to just avoid them and never let your dog taste even one. You better know that the life and good health of a dog are much more important than letting it taste a snack.

Can muscadines actually kill dogs

Muscadines don’t directly kill the dogs like a poisonous or venomous snake does but some other factors can lead to the death of dogs. The most common and widely reported cause of dog died after eating muscadines is kidney failure.

The kidney is no doubt one of the essential organs of a dog’s body and muscadines can directly attack it. Failure of the kidney makes it difficult for the dog to survive which can eventually kill them in a day or two.

Are all the grapes toxic to dogs

“ALL ” grapes are toxic to dogs regardless of their color, type, taste, etc. Whether they are seedless or have seeds in them or even if you have cultivated them at your home without any use of pesticides, feeding grapes to your dogs is firmly prohibited.

How many muscadines can cause kidney failure

It mainly depends on the health conditions and size of your dog but the process can begin with a very minimum quantity. Researchers and experts have concluded that a dog of 10 pounds will experience kidney failure after eating just 2 grapes or in some cases with one as well. While a dog of 20 pounds can survive after eating two but will face the same consequences if it eats 3 to 4 grapes.

Has a dog ever died after eating muscadines

You are asking for one dog? Statistics and research show that eating muscadine or other grapes is one of the top causes of dog death in the world.

On average, about 50% to 80% of the dogs that experience kidney failure have muscadines or other grapes as a major cause.

You can get an idea by the fact that kidneys tend to fail within 18 to 24 hours after eating and only a few more hours can kill your dog. The process can become rapid if you are not getting help from a vet.

How long does muscadine take to show its effects

It sometimes depends on the health conditions of your dog but in a general point of view, eating muscadines will begin to show its bad effects immediately after eating them.

Although the signs may not be huge or alarming at the beginning, they will tend to become worse with every passing minute.

Experts and vets claim that muscadine can easily fail a kidney thoroughly within 24 or even fewer hours after eating it.

What is the best time to consult a vet

As said in the previous section, muscadine tends to show its signs in an immediate manner and you should start your further procedure as soon as possible. 72 hours is the deadline but there are huge chances that your dog’s health will be completely ruined if you wait for that long.

Various experts and vets claim that a dog can be saved easily after eating muscadine, within the first 18 hours. After this time, the chances of saving a dog’s life decrease with every passing second. These are only the time limits but you should immediately consult a vet in case of any issues.

Is muscadine good in any regard

There is no fat in muscadine and they are nutrients and fibers. Many researchers have shown that eating muscadine can prevent people from various diseases and health issues related to lungs, colons, and liver.

It also can decrease the level of cholesterol in a dog’s body while mitigating the risks of heart attack as well. All these benefits can only be attained by humans (that too if muscadines are prepared properly) as muscadines are not that much toxic to them.

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