Last Updated : November 24, 2022

Are coturnix quail good for dog training [Truth Exposed]

Coturnix quail is a breed of bird originally from Eastern Asia, raised majorly for their meat and eggs. This tiny creature is known for its friendly and joyful nature and is generally easy and economical to raise.

On the other hand, dogs are also friendly pets domesticated worldwide and used for many purposes. It is no news that dogs generally have the instinct to hunt and as a result, one of their favorite game to play is fetching, to keep their instinct alive.

Are coturnix quail good for dog training

Dogs love to run, and one of the animals they love to chase around is a bird. If you have these two amazing creatures as pets, there is a possibility that you might have contemplated using Coturnix quail for training. Here in this overview, useful insight will be provided on how best you can train your dog using Coturnix quail, so keep reading.

Can quail be used for dog training

Yes, quail can be used to train dogs. However, you need to know that using quails to train your dog sure has its pros and cons.

The most common type of quail usually used by dog owners is the Bobwhite and the Coturnix quails. Both quails perform amazingly well, but the Bobwhite is the most coveted among the two because it flies better. Although that does not necessarily mean Coturnix quail will not do an excellent job, because once they are conditioned for flight, they will always be ready to go.

To condition your Coturnix for flight mode, most dog owners recommend raising them in a flight pen and also keeping them in the dark 12 hours before the actual training day.

Why should I use quail for my dog training

Well, you don’t need to train your bird with quails because there are lots of other alternatives. However, training your dog with quail sure has some benefits, a few of which include;

1. Economical

Compared to other alternatives available to train your bird, using a quail is relatively cheap. You can get a quail for a price as low as 3$, which means opting for a quail will help you save cost in the long run.

2. Low scent

It is general knowledge that dogs have an incredible sense of smell and they rely mostly on this ability to gather information about their immediate environment. On the other hand, quails have a poor scent that is difficult for most animals to detect. Consequently, getting your furry friend to find quails while they stay planted within grass will go a long way at helping you determine how fantastic your dog’s sense of smell is and training him altogether.

3. They can fly

All dogs are born with the instinct to hunt, even the domesticated ones. That is why you will always see your pet dog running after any moving object just to keep themselves engaged.

One of the animals dogs enjoy chasing is birds, they are so fond of this creature that they do it impulsively most of the time. You can use quail as a decoy, to trick your dog into believing that they are birds, so they can go after them.

Is it legal to use Coturnix to train your dog

Yes, it is completely legal to use coturtnix to train your dog. However, some states in the united states like Colorado and Idaho have laws regulating the release of birds and domesticated wildlife for training and trials.

Therefore, you might have to take permission from the appropriate authority in your metropolis before you begin your training.

Do Dogs like Coturnix quail

No, dogs do not like Coturnix quails. The relationship between a bird and a dog is best described as a predator and prey relationship, therefore, the chances of getting them to get along are very slim.

Quails are also birds and dogs are most likely to see them as prey, so they are likely to always chase and kill them. Although if your dog is properly socialized and not aggressive, then you can save your little bird by doing the proper introduction.

What dog breed should I train with Coturnix quail

If you are worried about the safety of your quail during training, then the best dog breeds you can train with a Coturnix quail are;

  1. Border collies
  2. Sheepdogs
  3. The Great Pyrenees
  4. Swiss mountain
  5. Bernese mountain dogs.

These particular breeds of dogs listed above are generally friendly and known to be gentle with other pets and birds.

On the contrary, if you intend to train your dog to hunt for birds, then you should consider;

  1. Golden retriever
  2. German wirehaired pointer
  3. Labrador Retriever
  4. Deutsch Dratchaar
  5. English setter
  6. English Springer spaniel
  7. Brittany
  8. Vizsla
  9. Pointer
  10. Chesapeake bay retriever

Most dog breeds listed above are skillful hunters, they are a group of breeds that are generally good at tracking down, physically strong, and very energetic.

How to use quail for dog training

Using quail as a dog training is both challenging and time-consuming, so you must be ready to persevere because in the end both you and your canine companion are gonna have a great time. You can follow the instruction below to guide you through the steps involved.

  1. Get a new toy for your dog and cover it with the scent of a quail and Put it away for some time so that the scent can fade a little.
  2. Give the toy to your pet dog to play with it for at least 20 minutes every day for several weeks until they complete familiarisation themselves with the scent.
  3. Once you are satisfied that your dog has implanted the scent of the toy into his memory, go to an open field with your pup, the toy, and some treats.
  4. Throw the toy a few steps away from you and instruct your pup to fetch. You should reward them with a treat and praise them for every successful fetch.
  5. Once your dog has repeatedly succeeded in hunting down the decoy, then you can now test him out on an open field with a real quail.

Note: Before you start training your dog with Quail, make sure your dog is properly socialized and also, can understand basic commands like “fetch”, ” stop”, “run”, “hunt”. This will help prevent your dog from going rogue during training sessions.

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