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Can dogs eat ants [The hidden truth]

Was there ever a time that you saw your fur baby eating ants? Sure, this might gross you out but can dogs eat ants in the first place? Continue reading below to know whether or not it is safe for canines to eat ants.

Can dogs have ants

Dogs tend to have the weirdest preferences and behaviors at times. Eating ants could be just one of their strange actions that may concern you, the loving pet parent.

Can dogs eat ants

Most of the time, dogs can have ants and you would never even know it unless you caught him in full action. Ants don’t pose any harm in many cases and could even be excellent small vitamins for dogs because of their mineral, vitamin, and protein content.

Can dogs eat food with ants in it

Now and then, you might notice some ants crawling inside the food or water bowl of your pet. It is perfectly safe and will not cause any harm to your dog. However, your pooch might refuse to eat his food once he sees that ants are crawling around. As you might already know, some puppies are simply picky.

If you are feeding your pet and notice some ants crawling around in his food, you don’t have to be too alarmed. These are pretty much harmless, especially if you only see an ant or two. But, if the ants seem dangerous such as fire ants or red ants or there is an entire bunch of them, it is best to avoid giving them food to your dog just yet to check what is going on.

It is possible that there is an ant colony that moved in near the food of your pet and they have infested it. You need to throw out the food and prepare a new one in this case. Throw out the food right away if you see red or fire ants.

Do dogs like ants

To put it simply, dogs like eating ants because the insects are in the way of or are in their food. Once a dog discovers ants in the food bowl, there is a big chance that he will be eating his meal even if a few ants are crawling around. More often than not, ants are not dangerous and even provide extra vitamin C and protein that can benefit your dog. 

Now, you might be wondering if it is normal for dogs to eat ants.

Dogs are known for eating all types of things as you might already know by now. Ants are some of the most common and fortunately harmless choices. 

Dogs might eat ants for three primary reasons:

1. They are curious.

You probably expect this one if you have dogs. Ants tend to move funny and they capture the attention of your dog easily. Dogs sniff ants and even give them a good lick. They may or may not like them as a result.

2. This is in their prey drive.

If your dog is outside having a fun time sniffing around in your lawn or garden, he might notice a group or line of ants. Since dogs have a biological impulse of hunting and eating, they will hunt and eat even if they eat perfectly balanced diets at home. It is good for stimulating his brain.

3. They understand that ants are nutritious. 

Ancestrally speaking, dogs might also understand that ants are great food sources for them so they will scoop up some of them if ever they are looking for snacks or they feel like they have low energy levels.

Should dogs eat ants

Many ants are not harmful to dogs. Ants are great protein sources for them. Ants even have vitamin C content.

In reality, ants are great sources of vitamins and foods for almost all animal species including dogs, birds, bears, or even humans. But, if you are wondering if dogs should eat ants, the answer is no as long as they have a healthy and balanced regular diet.

Are ants good for dogs

It is common to see ants in the food of your pup. Ground-up ants can even be added to your pet’s kibble as a source of extra protein. These insects are healthy protein sources that don’t do any harm in many cases. But, there can still be reactions that can result from eating ants.

  • Allergic reaction

Allergic reactions take the form of rash and this can be severe or mold depending on the allergy of your pup. If you know that your pet has an allergy to ants, never let him take a bite even if he wants to.

  • Stomach problems

There are cases when dogs may also have sensitive stomachs. Eating moderate amounts of ants can upset their stomach because of the high amounts of protein that they ate. But, he needs to eat large amounts for it to happen.  

There are also two very rare consequences associated with dogs that eat ants. Again, these would be very rare and your dog must eat massive quantities of ants as in one full bucket of them in one sitting. These conditions are blindness and kidney failure.

These are especially difficult and rare to track when it comes to understanding that ants are the main culprit. Experts agree that this can be because of the powdered version of ants like those used in protein powders instead of the live ants themselves. If this is something you worry about, it would be best to ask your vet about it.

How often can dogs eat ants

Ants might be nothing but a nuisance for you although they offer a little added vitamin C and protein to the diet of your dog. Now, this doesn’t mean you should let your dog eat ants often. Bites can also be irritating to both you and your pet.

Can dogs eat ants every day

There is no reason for dogs to eat ants every day since these insects are not essential parts of their diet. As long as your pet has a balanced and healthy diet, your pup doesn’t have to eat ants for dinner.

Can puppies eat ants

Puppies may end up eating ants, especially those found in their food. However, since young dogs are more sensitive, make sure to keep them as far away from ants as possible.

Dogs eating ants FAQs

Can dogs eat flying ants?

A dog can eat a flying ant or two. Flying ants tend to deliver a quite nasty bite although these are often killed off as soon as your pup snaps at them and proceeds to eat them. This will most likely happen if the flying ant in question drew attention to itself by biting your fur baby in the first place.

Can dogs eat black ants?

The black ants are probably among those ants that many dogs end up eating most of the time. These ants don’t have the same powerful sting as that of red ants but they can still deliver some rather painful bites when threatened. Black ants have jaws that evolved for cutting through tough plant fibers and wood that let them dig deep in the skin. The jaws of black ants can also deliver a tiny amount of formic acid that can produce a burning and long-lasting effect.

Can dogs eat fire ants?

While dogs can eat fire ants, you need to keep a close eye on them. Your pup may end up getting a nasty sting if your pup tries eating them. It will not really hurt the stomach of your pet but the fire ant’s sting can be painful on his nose and mouth.

Can dogs eat red ants?

Yes, dogs can also eat red ants, especially those that end up on their food. If ever they do so, make sure you watch out for signs of biting or stinging right away. Red ants can be very defensive that will attack back once your dog tries eating them. Once you notice the bites of red ants on your dog, you can take him to the vet to ensure that he will be fine.  

Can dogs eat sugar ants?

Sugar ants are rather mild-mannered ants that don’t sting. Once disturbed, these ants might defend themselves with the use of their mouthparts to leave a bite. The bites of sugar ants are not painful and don’t cause any symptoms unless your dog has an allergy.

Can dogs eat dead ants?

Every now then, your dog might munch on dead ants that he found lying on his food, on the floor, or anywhere else in and around the house. While dogs can eat dead ants, this still doesn’t mean that he should be.  

Can dogs eat carpenter ants?

Carpenter ants are known for their strong and large jaws with the ability to chew through wood. For this reason, they can also easily bite into Fido’s skin, too. Dogs can eat carpenter ants. It is quite a rare occurrence for carpenter ants to bite humans and animals.

 Most of the time, they bite only if they feel threatened. These ants have excruciating bites followed by a feeling of irritation like that of a bee sting. While their bites tend to be quite painful, it is not likely for carpenter ants to bite your pup and they also don’t transmit any type of disease.

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