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Can Dogs eat Sourdough (Risks, Serving Size & More)

Sharing some of your favorite food with your eager dog under the table is probably a very common scenario in your home. Unfortunately, not all human foods are good for dogs. Can dogs eat sourdough? If this is a question that has been bothering you for a long time, better read on to know whether it is safe to share it with your pup or not.

Can dogs have sourdough

Dogs can only have sourdough only if it is cooked and in moderation. This is also not considered as an essential part of their regular diet. In case you really want to share sourdough with your pup, wheat bread or white bread will be better and safer option.

Can dogs eat sourdough

Can dogs eat sourdough bread

The truth is that sourdough bread is not good for dogs. Things can even get worse if the sourdough bread is not cooked, which means that your dog will end up eating raw dough.

Sourdough bread contains yeasts that may cause bloating in your pet’s gastrointestinal tract. Don’t panic if ever your dog ends up taking a single bite of baked sourdough bread. It might not be terrible yet you should never make it a habit. Knowing what is in the bead and the tolerances of your dog can help as far as treats and food are concerned.

Smaller pieces of plain sourdough bread will not likely cause any issues for canines unless they are suffering they are suffering from sensitivities or allergies to the ingredients of the bread. Having said that, you should never let your pet eat sourdough bread since your dog will gain little to no benefits from eating it.

Another common concern when it comes to sourdough bread is the risk of it leading to problems such as stomach distress and bloat. Sourdough bread might also contain ingredients that the stomach of your dog might not be able to digest or process easily. This will lead to more problems if the sourdough bread is not fully and properly baked. The bread’s yeast content might also worsen the bloating effect in the gastrointestinal tract of your dog. 

Sourdough breads today are available in various flavors. There are also breads that may also contain ingredients that are harmful for dogs including chocolate pieces and raisins. See to it that you carefully check the ingredients first before you allow your dog to eat smaller pieces of store-bought sourdough.

Can dogs eat sourdough starter

Rising dough and particularly activating sourdough starter can be very fatal to dogs. Aside from the fact that it can cause extreme acid and base imbalances, this can also cause dangerous bloat and gastrointestinal tract obstructions. The process of fermentation can also cause a drastic and immediate increase of alcohol in a dog’s blood stream that can result to a serious or even a deadly alcohol poisoning.

Do dogs like sourdough

There are dogs that like sourdough although some of them might not really appreciate its taste. Dogs in general love to eat and in particular, they love sharing in all the things their humans do and all the foods they eat. If you have a dog that loves to beg, be careful when it comes to sourdough to stay on the safe side.  

Should dogs eat sourdough

The truth is that there is no reason for dogs to eat sourdough since one of the most important ingredients when it comes to baking sourdough is none other than yeast. This is a beneficial type of bacteria responsible for helping the dough rise. 

This yeast can cause bloating in the intestinal tracts and stomachs of your dog.

Bloat, or called gastric dilatation-volvuvus or GDV in medical terms can cause the stomach to constrict and fill with gas at the same time that can be very uncomfortable at its best but even possibly fatal at worst since it can lead to a plethora of problems including blocking the flow of blood to essential body organs.

Other bloat symptoms include increased drooling or agitation, shallow or rapid breathing, and excessive attention or care to their stomach area.

One more issue with dogs eating sourdough has something to do with its chemistry aspect. The moment yeast ferments, this turns into a kind of alcohol and this is responsible for the distinctive properties of sourdough.

For sure, you surely know how extremely toxic alcohol is to dogs that can lead to diarrhea, difficulty in breathing, and vomiting. It is the reason why there are now dog-friendly recipes and beers that are certified non-alcoholic. It shouldn’t be an issue if your pet ate one or two bites of cooked bread since majority of the alcohol vaporizes during the baking process. However, this is still not a good idea.

The severity of the symptoms of your dog will depend on different factors such as their size and breed, the quantity that they ate, and their overall health. However, the bottom line here is that dogs should not really eat sourdough.

If you suspect that your pet might be suffering from alcohol poisoning or bloat, it will be best that you call your local vet at the soonest time possible.

Is sourdough OK for dogs

Your dog may be in trouble if your pet munched on unbaked sourdough. This form of sourdough can be very bad for canines. This is why sourdough is not really considered as OK for dogs.

The dough might continue fermenting inside his stomach that may cause bloating considered as a health emergency. What is even more serious is that the ethanol produced during this process of fermentation may result to alcohol poisoning. 

This can make your pet weak, slow-moving, depressed, and show a drunk or unsteady gait while walking. It is an absolute emergency and you need to rush him to the vet immediately. Call in advance while you are on your way to inform them when you are coming as well as what they should expect.

You can breathe a sigh of relief if your dog ate baked sourdough. While he is not out of the woods yet, it is possible that he will only be a bit uncomfortable. Your pup may be a little restless, have a distended belly, or be extra gassy depending on the amount he ate. This may just pass but you can always call your vet if you are worried.

How often can dogs eat sourdough

Cooked sourdough may not harm dogs but it is not really recommended to give it to your pet. This is something that dogs should never eat often. 

Can dogs eat sourdough every day

Your dog can consume sourdough but only in very small quantities unless he has allergies to cornmeal, wheat, or other kinds of grain. Sourdough isn’t something that dogs can eat every day because of its contents and their risks.

Human foods must never be used as a replacement for the specialized diet for canines and bread will just add calories with no nutrients at all. Never make it a habit of giving sourdough to your pup to prevent dangerous consequences.

Can puppies eat sourdough

Puppies still have sensitive stomachs and they might not be able to handle sourdough well. They may also have still some allergies that you might not know yet. To ensure that your pup won’t suffer from stomach upset and other problems, it is best not to let your puppy eat sourdough.

Sourdough doesn’t really offer any nutritional value so this is not considered as an essential part of their balanced diet ever day. There are also many other potential problems that are not worth taking the risk as far as your young puppies are concerned.

Frequently asked questions

  1. Can dogs eat sourdough pretzels

    There are many people who love to snack on sourdough pretzels. So far, a single piece of sourdough pretzel already has two times the safe quantity of salt content for dogs. This means that dogs cannot eat sourdough pretzels so make sure that you don’t munch on these snacks.

  2. Can dogs eat sourdough crackers

    Yes, dogs can eat sourdough crackers as these are non-toxic and safe for canines as a rare form of treat in small quantities. Eating foods high in fats, carbs, and calories can cause related health issues and obesity. If ever you allow your pup to eat a few pieces of sourdough crackers, make sure that you don’t let them eat some other foods that have high amounts of the same ingredients.

  3. Should i feed my dogs with sourdough toast

    Sourdough toast in moderation is not likely to harm your pet. However, there are pets with grain sensitivities or wheat allergies and they thrive better on grain-free diets. Sourdough toast, with its minimal nutritional value, might not be the best choice for your pup.

    But, if used only as occasional snack, this can still pose some risks, unless the health of your pet is already compromised. When your dog suffers from unusual symptoms, be sure to ask your vet if your dog may have a food intolerance or allergy.

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