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How fast can a corgi run mph?

How fast does a Corgi run? A well-conditioned and healthy Corgi will be able to run as far as 25 miles per hour.

These dogs are energetic, determined, and always give their 100%. However, they still have their limits so it is important to know more about these pups before taking them out for a run.

How fast can a corgi run

How fast can Corgis run

Who doesn’t adore Corgis? These dogs always have a smile on their face as if they are having the best times of their lives all the time. Who wouldn’t want to have a running buddy with this kind of disposition?

Now, don’t let that small body and short legs fool you. Corgis have the ability to run up to 25 mph. But, how do their long body and short legs allow Corgis to sprint this fast?

This actually has something to do with biomechanics. Corgis are like coiled springs or balls of energy. Their front legs will reach forward with their back legs following through with some push.

Are Corgis good partners for running

There are actually several reasons why Corgis are often regarded as good running dogs.

For starters, these dogs were bred for different outdoor activities. They can work in the field night and day, with good or bad weather. Corgis are also amazing sprinters and energetic dogs.

Since Corgis are herding dogs, they were bred to be fast runners than the sheep or cattle they are in charge with. However, there was no need for them to run for several miles on end just to follow the stock. They only have short and quick spurs of activity and this is what makes these dogs better at sprinting than running.

However, just like humans, every Corgi is different and unique and this may or may not make one an ideal companion for running. Understanding the breed completely together with their specific health considerations and needs can help you identify if it is a suitable activity for your pup or not.

Can Corgis run long distances

Can Corgis run long distances

The answer is no, Corgis are only sprinters, which means that they cannot run longer distances. This means that Corgis are not runners but more of sprinters.

The physical build, thick coat, short legs, and spine to height ratio of these dogs mean that high speed or long distance running may be a bit tough on their adorable bodies.

The truth is that their unique running style will take two to five times more effort just so they can keep up with your pace during a run. The spine of Corgis also lack enough support, putting increased stress on their short legs. Aside from this, the heavy coat and furry feet may also lead to overheating.

Although jogging for one to two miles is fine, longer distance runs are not in the makeup of this breed. Corgis are among the best small dog breeds perfect as running partners because of their ability of keeping you company on your jogs.

How many miles can Corgis run

How many miles can Corgis run

Corgis that are well-conditioned can run a maximum of 2 miles.

When is the best time to jog or run with your Corgi

When is the best time to jog or run with your Corgi

Again, always remember that Corgis have this extremely heavy coat that makes them prone to overheating fast. This is the reason why the most ideal time of the day for jogging with your pup is in the evening or early in the morning when the temperatures are not more than 65 degrees Fahrenheit or 18 degrees Celsius.

If you already have an elderly dog that is more than 8 years old or a puppy of less than 18 months or so, they are at higher risk, which means you need to adjust these temperatures as needed.

During wintertime, when temperatures drop lower than freezing, it is important to be extra cautious. Ice may form on those cute furry feet, not to mention that the low-rider bellies will also be closer to the ground with ice and snow.

Conditioning Corgis before going for a run

It is important to start slow when conditioning your Corgi for a run and try increasing the distance after some time. You also need to regularly check the feet of your dog and watch out for any signs of pain or limping.

It is also imperative to consider the terrain. An even and flat course is ideal but pavement, inclines, and rocks may be tough on the feet of Corgis, particularly the knees.

When trying to prepare your Corgi for a run, it is best to know the difference between Cardigan Welsh Corgis and Pembroke Welsh Corgis as well as their respective speeds.

Pembroke Welsh Corgis can run 23 miles per hour on average. On the other hand, Cardigan Corgis are the bigger of these two breeds. This size has an effect on their speed. The result is that they tend to run slower compared to Pembroke Corgis.

Corgis are herding dogs

Corgis were originally bred for herding cattle. These dogs have the habit to nip at the heels to herd, which is why they are called heelers.

The natural agility and low profile of Corgis help them stay safe every time they run with the herd and avoid the sharp hooves.

These canines have double coats that are water repellent that help them keep warm in all types of nasty weather. This is what makes them great dogs for outdoors.

The Cardigan Corgis are a bit bigger because of cross-breeding with the Welsh Sheepdogs that resulted when the farmers in Cardiganshire switched to sheep farming from cattle farming. It led to the Cardigan Corgi’s bigger head, longer nose, and a bit longer body.

Unique running style of Corgis

As stated above, Corgis were initially bred for herding cattle then sheep later on in the case of Cardigans. Every time they run, all parts of their body get involved.

In the case of average dogs, it might be more a matter of speed and long legs. But, in the case of Corgis, their entire body is pushed off the ground, with their back and front legs almost touching with every stride and lands on the front before they kick off with the back right away. It is actually more of leaping instead of running.

This unique way of running is obviously more strenuous compared to that of average dogs.

Things to consider when exercising with a Corgi

There are several things you need to watch out for every time you are exercising your Corgi.

  • Avoid any long distance run.
  • Keep boredom at bay by changing your route for jogging.
  • Don’t run on pavement. The paws of Corgis absorb lots of stress. It may help to make them wear booties but Corgis are not always big fans of having these feet coverings.
  • Have a portable dish and water bottle with you during the run and always take breaks in between.
  • Never push or force your Corgi. Spine-related issues are common. Starting your pet too early or pushing him too hard can only worsen these issues.
  • Watch out for heatstroke. Some of its signs include drooling, excessive panting, uncoordinated movement, vomiting, and collapse.
  • Consider giving your dog natural supplements that support joint health.
  • Always watch out for signs of discomfort or pain. Even a simple stumble or trip may lead to a tweaked spine or pulled muscle. Go to the vet if favoring a leg or limping lasts for over a day.

Other non-running activities you can try with your Corgi

Jogging on the same route again and again will never make the cut. You might want to combine those regular jogs with other activities such as the following:

  • An agility class or course
  • Visiting and exploring local parks for new scenery and paths
  • Treibball is a form of fun low impact dog sports that comes naturally to most dogs, particularly herders.
  • Some corgis love swimming but because of their jacket, it is advisable to use a life jacket.

What will happen if you fail to exercise a Corgi

If you are wondering how much exercise your Corgi needs, the recommendation is to go for an outing about three to four times per day. If not, this particular working breed will end up looking for work around the house, leaving you with more work to do. The last thing you want is for your Corgi to be bored! Always come up with a routine that is varied enough and you will surely adore their excitement every time they see you picking up the leash.

Is a Corgi good off-leash

Most Corgis are actually good off the leash as long as they have proper training. Corgis can be trained fast. See to it that you are consistent. You can teach him a solid recall and always take time in training them well as far as jogging or running with them is concerned.

Many trails will require dogs to be on leash but you should never allow your Corgi to be off-leash, except if you are sure that he has amazing recall. It will be great to let him run off-leash but you need to work up to this.

It is recommended to try loose leash walking at first and train your Corgi on cues to slow down and speed up with plenty of reinforcement and treats.

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