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Do beagles like to cuddle

Beagles are among one of the most popular dog breeds adopted as pets by dog lovers worldwide. The reason for the widespread acceptance of Beagles as a pet is not far-fetched as most owners took that decision after because Beagles are affectionate, loyal, and sociable.

Given the affectionate nature and the lovely ambiance they radiate all the time, it is likely that you find questions like; “are Beagles cuddly?” rather interesting.

Do beagles like to cuddle

This question and some other interesting facts about this lovable hound are the centers of attention in this write-up.

Are Beagles affectionate

Yes, Beagles are affectionate. The affectionate nature of a Beagle breed can never be overemphasized. That is why it has become almost impossible to see any publication about Beagles without a reference to their affectionate personality.

The exuberant nature of Beagles dates back to their hunting days when they used to enjoy a working connection with both humans and other animals. The clingy personality we see in most Beagles today is a result of the ancestral bond between humans and them.

Beagles are so affectionate and lovable and will make use of every opportunity they have to let you know how much they love and care for you and your family. There are various ways in which Beagles show affection. A few of these ways include,

1. Wiggle

The easiest way for a Beagle dog to show how pleased he is with you is by wiggling his tail. He is fond of shaking his tail both back and front left and right just to tell you he is having the moment of his life.

2. Eye-brow raising

It is normal for humans to express a shocking moment by raising eyebrows. But in the case of Beagles and most other dog breeds, it is different. A beagle dog will raise its eyebrows in its happy moment.

3. Kissing

Just like me, I know some other people don’t like it when dog licks them excessively and drool over them. Well, Beagles don’t care about how you feel when it comes to showering affection, they will kiss you nonstop on your face as a form of extending their love.

4. Jumping

Beagles are fond of doing this especially when they haven’t seen you for a long time. When you just returned from a trip, they will jump from one place to another while you drive to the parking space and will stand on their hind legs to hug you. They wouldn’t even stop there as they are also capable of jumping over and around you when you finally settled in.

5. Playful

When a Beagle dog is fond of you and enjoys your company, he is quick to let his guard down anytime he is around you and will play all sorts of games with you. Whether it is playing ball or fetch and catch as long as there is the ambiance of love in the air.

Are all Beagles affectionate

No, all Beagles are not affectionate. Just as humans with the same parents may have different personality traits, Beagles are also capable of displaying different personality traits.

While some Beagles may be friendly some are generally aloof. Although, there has been an argument that naturally, Beagles are not supposed to be distanced pets and if by chance they are, it is likely to be as a result of how they were raised.

Your Beagle dog may not be affectionate because of any of the following reasons.

1. Sensitivity

Some Beagles don’t like it when they are being touched or petted in certain areas of their body like; their tail, paws, ears and legs not even by their owners. If you are the type that likes to play with any of these sensitive parts of a Beagle dog, they are likely to be on their guard anytime you approach them. You can get them to be more tolerant by rewarding every pat with a treat.

2. Isolation

You will be doing yourself a great disservice if you keep your Beagle in isolation and deprive him of socializing with people and other animals because you won’t be able to get the best out of them.

They are scent hounds and need to mingle with people and other animals so that they can get themselves accustomed to their sounds and scents. If they are not properly socialized, they will develop anxiety and be less affectionate towards anyone, including their owner.

3. Health problem

Some Beagles may be affectionate from the get-go, but all of a sudden, your once cheerful and active pet starts acting strangely and completely detached. This may be because he is ill and lacks the energy and vigor to do certain activities he used to be involved in.

4. Past trauma

Owners who adopted an older Beagle breed are the most likely to have a Beagle dog with a traumatic experience.

If a Beagle dog has been put through some abuse or maltreatment in the past by their original owner, they are likely to see humans as a threat and consequently, completely disconnect themselves from any positive emotional entanglement with humans. Earning the trust of such a dog wouldn’t be easy, and you might have to seek the assistance of a professional dog behaviorist.

In general, it is unusual for Beagles to be unaffectionate and if your Beagle dog ever exhibits such a negative attitude, you should worry because it could be a warning sign.

Why are Beagles so affectionate

Beagle is a pack dog that loves company and can’t tolerate being alone for a long time. They know this and will always make you feel appreciated for every moment you spend with them by showering you with lots of affectionate gestures like kissing and hugging.

To most beagles, being affectionate is natural and more a show of appreciation that they value your company.

Why does my Beagle like to cuddle

Anytime you see a Beagle dog cuddling, that is their general survival instinct at play. Back in the wild, when Beagles used to be, they rely on other animals and humans for protection during adverse weather conditions.

Beagles are highly more likely to be sick during cold weather than others. This is because, unlike the Huskies and malamutes that have long thick fur covering their body, Beagles are short-haired and do not have enough hair that can provide their body with the needed warmth. Therefore, they tend to rely on humans and in some cases, other animals for protection against cold.

Are male or female Beagles more affectionate

I will try as much as possible to make this less confusing by going straight to the point. Both female and male Beagles are affectionate. Although this depends largely on how well you train either of the two. For example, a highly socialized male Beagle is likely to be more affectionate than his female counterpart in isolation.

Do Beagles like to be petted

Yes, they like being petted. However, if you pet him at a time when he is full of energy and super active, given their playful nature, he may misconstrue it as playtime and stand up on his feet ready to go only for him to be disappointed. If you’re not aware of this, you may also think he is recalcitrant.

If you want to enjoy patting your Beagle dog, first of all, get him socialized then pat him anytime he is weak for example after a long walk and reward him with a treat.

Do Beagles like to sleep with owners

Yes, Beagles like to sleep with their owners.

Beagles is a pack dog and to be around people and other animals. Consequently, he is always ready to do anything that can foster a smooth relationship or create a bond between him and his owner or pair. Sleeping with his owner will bring both of them closer, therefore he is going to enjoy it.

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