Last Updated : November 25, 2022

How to stop a beagle from chewing everything

If you keep the Beagle dog breed, you would have noticed that they see everything that comes their way as edibles, so they chew whatever. This habit is most common among Beagle puppies and could be both upsetting and worrisome.

As a result, anytime you see them in their usual chewing mode, you can’t help but ask around, “how do I stop my Beagle from chewing everything?” So if you are always perturbed with this question, this is the best place for you to be!

How to stop a beagle from chewing everything

Are Beagles chewers

How to stop a beagle from chewing everything

Yes, Beagles are chewers! Destructive, dangerous and aggressive, are the adjectives that best describe the chewing habit of Beagle dog breeds.

They grind on almost everything that comes to their path, from toys to furniture, or clothes. You will find this habit mostly among Beagle puppies that are at the teething stage or older Beagle chewing just to kill boredom or to satisfy their chewing desire. 

This habit must be controlled to prevent them from eating substances that could be harmful to them healthwise.

Do Beagles chew everything

Yes, they chew everything they can grip with their paws.

Beagles are natural chewers, so you don’t have direct control over what they chew but you can reorient them into eating certain things that you want them to have. But whatever you do, just make sure it keeps them engaged because any idle moment is an opportunity for further chewing exploration.

Beagles chewing on paws

Chewing on paws is something you will always see your Beagles do anytime they are bored or stressed. They might resort to paw chewing as a form of succor against discomfort.

This habit is not uniquely practiced by Beagles only, as this is also a common habit in other dog breeds. Every dog chews their paws at least once in its lifespan, so you do necessarily not worry much about it. Although you shouldn’t get too comfortable if your Beagle chews its paws excessively, most especially when they are not dirty.

When you observe this in your Beatle, it is high time for you to start watching its behavior more closely and find out the possible cause to save your dog from damaging its tissues.

Beagles chewing on tails

Just as they chew on their paws and almost every other thing they see, Beagles can also bite or chew their tails although most times, this is as a result of irritation or and allergies. When they experience any discomfort, they respond by scratching the affected region to ease them of such pain.

Beatles chewing paws might be less worrisome until they start chewing when they have dry skins. If a Beagle has dry skin and chews its tail constantly, it could cause bleeding, skin crack, or baldness of the tail.

Beagles chewing blankets

Yes, Beagles are natural chewers but chewing certain objects like their blanket can be harmful to them. Blanket chewing is also common in other dog breeds like Dobermans, Spaniels, Daschunds, and Border collies breeds.

Beagles chewing furniture

I wasn’t sugar-coating when I said Beagles chew on everything, they grind on almost everything and your furniture is not exempted. Generally, they like to chew on objects with hard consistency and your furniture will make a perfect match for their taste.

Beagles chewing shoes

Just as Beagles chew on every other item listed above, they can also chew on your shoes. However, in general, anytime do not beat or scold your Beagle you see them chew on any object you think is inappropriate for them because it’s going to trigger them to chew them even more. So anytime you see them chewing on any of these items, you should swap them with appropriate items.

Why are my Beagles chewing everything

Your beagle may resort to chewing its paws or any other because of one or more of the following reasons.

1. Yeast infection

This is a situation common to Beagles with low immune systems. Dog skin is a natural host to yeasts, so when your Beatle has a weak immune system, this yeast will multiply and lead to infection. You will know if your Beatle chew its paw because of yeast infection when they have a strong or unpleasant odor.

2. Dry skin

During winter or spring, your Beagle dog may have dry skin and this could trigger them to start biting or chewing their paws due to constant itching caused by the arid weather.

Although every other part of their body may itch, because their paw is more exposed to dry surfaces anytime they walk, and also, because it is more accessible, they tend to chew or bite on their paw more than any other part of the body.

3. Irritation

When your Beagle is exposed to certain chemicals like pesticides, fertilizers, rock salt, or any carpet/rug cleaning solutions, it can cause irritation or itching. So whenever their paws itch, they may respond by biting or chewing on them.

4. Hunger

Another reason why a Beagle may chew uncontrollably is hunger. Do not get me wrong, by saying this I don’t necessarily mean that you’re starving your pet. But if you put them under a calorie restrictive, they may go about hunting for calories.

5. Premature weaning

By nature, dogs are born with the instinct to suckle and the first object they get accustomed to is their mother’s breast.

So when you stop Beagles from suckling on their mother’s breast earlier than expected, they can’t help but suck on other objects like their blankets and beddings.

6. Separation Anxiety

Another reason why Beagles chew blankets is separation anxiety.

This is a situation whereby a Beagle pup is left alone on its own for a long time. They find this kind of situation boring and stressful and they can protest by barking, whining, and exhibiting restlessness while they chew on the blanket.

Next time you see your Beagles in this kind of situation, you should know your pup craves some company.

Beagles biting habit

Beagles biting habit may stem from their instinctive behavior or as a reaction to their immediate environment. Beagles are very loyal, friendly, and learns fast, so with proper training, you can easily prevent them from biting.

Do beagles ever stop biting

No, you cannot stop Beagles from biting. However, you can train them to bite or chew on certain things you consider appropriate.

How to stop Beagles from chewing

Assist your Beagles through their teething stage.

A beagle’s teething stage starts when it’s starting to grow permanent teeth. When a Beagle is in the process of growing permanent teeth, they tend to experience pain and itching a lot, and that’s why they chew to relieve them. You can help them in the following ways.

  1. Feed your Beagles ice.
  2. Give the appropriate items.
  3. Put them in a controlled environment. Anytime you’re going out, make sure you put your Beagles in a restricted environment where you can easily control objects they chew. You can do this by creating your Beagle.
  4. Interrupt instead of punishment. Most dog owners make the mistake of punishing their dogs after they had already done something wrong. But rather, you can interrupt them while they are engaging in such acts. You can do this by making a loud noise and withdraw the object they are chewing on.
  5. Take valuable items away from their reach. Beagles can’t tell the difference between old and new shoes. Or between expensive and cheap items. So taking away items you consider to be valuable should be taken far away from them.

How do you discipline a Beagle

  1. Teach your Beagles basic commands like, no, sit, wait, go home, and also get them accustomed to its name.
  2. Put it through crate training.
  3. Put it through potty training. This will teach the Beagle where to and where not to poop.
  4. Put it through food training. Thjis will compel your Beagles to eat only with your command.

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