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Can dogs eat mochi [What You Need to Know]

Who wouldn’t like this chewy, delicious, and sweet Japanese dessert? Obviously, everyone who loves to eat sweets enjoys this food. But can your dog eat mochi? I am here for a detailed discussion on it. So let’s start.

Mochi is a flexible, sweet, and sticky Japanese rice cake that originated in Japan in the early 300 BC. It looks like a tiny round ball and a bite-sized.

Can dogs eat mochi

If we talk about its main ingredients, this delicious ball is prepared from short-grain sticky rice as they add mochi to its chewy texture. This sticky rice is referred to as mochigome or mochi rice; that’s why the dessert got the name mochi.

However, mochi is not recommended for dogs. Because it includes the high sugary content and rice, and dogs are not able to digest them properly, which may lead to severe health conditions.

Can dogs have mochi

Can dogs have mochi

A small quantity of mochi is not toxic for your pet, but it may disturb their stomach when you feed them in large amounts. This is because Mochi’s are enriched with a lot of sugar content, and dogs have different body systems than humans. Therefore, they may face trouble in digesting sugar.

This yummy rice cake can be eaten in small quantities or moderation if it is in simple form without any additional flavors. But some rice cakes are toxic for pets because they contain chocolate, pepper, sugar, salt, and more.

In addition, your puppy may be allergic to some components used in mochi preparation. So try to avoid your dog eating Japanese desserts. And be careful while introducing new food to your dog.

Can dogs eat mochi ice cream

As ice cream is a high-calorie foodstuff, and when mixed with carb and sugary foods like mochi, calories increase significantly. Also, ice cream mochi is primarily made up of sugar and fat, which your dog should avoid eating.

Therefore, if your dog eats mochi ice cream daily, he may be at high risk of obesity and unhealthy weight gain. Obesity is a prevalent and leading disease in pets these days.

Can dogs eat mochi crunch

Mochi crunch is also known as rice cracker. Its main ingredients are rice and soya sauce, and both are unhealthy for dogs.  Soy sauce includes sodium in high amounts. So if your pet eats more than a teaspoon of mochi crunch, your dog is at higher risk of kidney damage or salt poising.

Can dogs eat mochi balls

Mochi balls are prepared from rice and are also known as rice balls. It is filled with sweet flavor inside. While the interior filling consists of a range of flavors including, mango, strawberry, butter, and some others. So it depends on the filling of mochi balls, whether your dog eats it or not. But it’s better to avoid them.

Can dogs eat mango mochi

The main components of mango mochi are Trant fats, sodium, cholesterol, calories, and others. These ingredients may cause obesity, indigestion, kidney failure, and heart diseases. If your dog consumes this cake, it may be affected by several health issues, as I mentioned.

Can dogs eat butter mochi

Butter Mochi has a delicious and creamy flavor. It consists of coconut milk which is non-toxic to your pups and may even offer some health paybacks, such as refreshing the breath, strengthening the immune system, and improving the look of your coat. However, the rice floor is difficult for your dog to digest, but it can be supplied in small amounts.

Can dogs eat strawberry mochi

In strawberry mochi, the whole strawberry is used as the filling. It combines sweet red bean paste, fresh soft mochi, and juicy strawberries, making a mouth-watering taste. But sweet red bean paste is prepared with salt and sugar, and it can cause diabetes and other several diseases.

Can dogs eat plain mochi

A simple or plain mochi is usually has no flavored filling. It can be safely supplied to dogs in small amounts or moderation, but overeating can cause severe abdominal pain, vomiting, or diarrhea.

Can dogs eat vanilla mochi

Vanilla mochi is filled with vanilla extract, which can be toxic for your dog. Moreover, its thick and sticky texture can cause suffocation. So eliminate the food containing vanilla extract from your pet’s food list.

Can dogs eat red bean mochi

Simply processed red beans are suitable for your dog’s health. They are rich in fiber to aids the dog’s digestive system. On the other hand, the sweet red bean paste is dangerous to your puppy.  This sweetened paste is prepared from sugar, red bean, and salt. Therefore, as the high sugar content is toxic for your pet, if they consume the sugary red bean mochi in large quantities, it may cause tooth decay and diabetes.

Do dogs like mochi

Mochi is not advisable by experts; you should avoid eating it to your canine, whether in the form of a mochi ball or ice cream. Because they are made from sweet rice dough and sweet rice floor, the outer covering is very glutinous, which can be a chore for your pet (dog).

Plus, mochi has a lovely flavor. However, this dessert is prepared for human consumption. Your dog’s excessive sugar intake may lead to numerous health problems and a high charge for veterinarian fees.

Should dogs eat mochi

Although mochis are yummy, your dog should not consume mochi because it is full of sugar, and dogs usually cannot digest rice flour properly. So eating this cake can put pressure on their limbs, can cause difficulty breathing, gas, bloating, and pancreatitis. In addition, several dog breeds do not crush before swallowing, so the mochi may be at risk of suffocation. Because of all these reasons, it’s better to keep your dog away from eating this sweet rice cake dessert.

Is mochi okay for dogs

Is mochi okay for dogs

Feeding mochi in small quantities is non-toxic to dogs, but feeding too much may lead to high blood pressure, obesity, etc.

Here are some reasons why mochis are not a good treat for dogs.

Enriched with calories

Mochi is a dessert with lots of calories. While dogs are naturally energetic and consuming soo, many calories can slow them down, which eventually results in weight gain.

High in Sodium

The rice cake is enriched with salt, which is highly toxic for your pet. Excessive eating may lead to salt poisoning, which can be very deadly if left untreated.

No nutritional value

Japanese rice cakes have no nutritional value, so your dog needs to be healthy, so just feeding it will cause a deficiency of minerals and vitamins that your pet needs to live healthily.

High glycemic index (GI)

(GI) is the relative classification of carbohydrates in the foodstuffs according to how they influence blood glucose levels? Excessive consumption of rice cakes can increase the blood sugar levels of your beloved pet (dogs).

High Sugary Content

 As I discussed earlier, sugar is harmful to the dog’s health. Much of it can cause your dog to develop tooth decay, obesity, diabetes, and chronic diseases.

How often can dogs eat mochi

Your dog’s lactose can be intolerant. It occurs in dogs when an adult dog produces insufficient amounts of the enzyme lactase, responsible for the breakdown of lactose. Your pet will then endure if he eats more mochi, which has more lactose in its stomach handle.

Once lactose reaches the dog’s large intestine, it absorbs water. Then, your dog may suffer from diarrhea, which is devastating if it continues. In addition, bacteria present in the large intestine will start utilizing lactose for energy, which results in numerous side effects, including producing a lot of gas.  If your puppy is lactose intolerant, you will observe that it passes a lot of gas, vomit, diarrhea, and mucus in solid wastes.

But if you want to add mochi in your dog’s diet, cut into small pieces and give them in small amount which can be digestible for them.

Can dogs have mochi every day

Anyone, whether it’s human or animal, who can’t chew, struggles to swallow, or is too young or old, this dessert can pose a real danger – suffocation or choking if stuck in their throat or intestine. And if mochis are provided to your dogs daily, it may lead to severe health issues, such as obesity due to high sugar content, indigestion due to rice flour, and other problems due to toxic flavored filling.

Can puppies eat mochi

When we talk about pups, can they consume mochi? Obviously no. They are so small and unable to chew it properly. But if you want to add it to their diet, cut mochi into various trim pieces and then provide them to your lovely pet. However, excessive use may lead to indigestion.


Hence, I shared enough information about mochi and their side effects if your dog eats them. So it’s better to keep your pet away from this rice cake. And as a responsible owner, feed your dog with healthy foodstuff.

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