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Can cats kill cockroaches [The hidden truth]

Cockroaches are no doubt one of the most annoying and feared pests around the world. People tend to feel uncomfortable just by seeing a single cockroach in the house.

Various commercial products and homemade remedies have been used for decades to get rid of these pests but some people look for a solution that is permanent and efficient as well. This is the reason that: will cats kill cockroaches, is the most frequently asked question about these two living beings.

Can cats kill cockroaches

This guide will surely provide you with a bunch of useful information about cats and their ability to kill cockroaches.

Are cats scared of cockroaches

It can easily be said that cats are not scared of anything or living creatures whose height is less than theirs. We cannot use the word length as cats are not even scared of snakes who can be as long as 6 feet.

Where hunting is in the genes of cats, killing cockroaches can also become a sport or fun activity for them. Domestic cats usually remain calm and busy in all their stuff and when they find cockroaches, they consider this as an opportunity to utilize their high killing abilities. It can be safely said that cats were never afraid of cockroaches nor they will be.

Why do cats like cockroaches

Cats like to hunt and kill cockroaches due to various reasons. Hunting birds, predators, slithering, and related creatures is an instinct in cats’ genes and this is the reason behind their habit of hunting pests or cockroaches as well.

Apart from this, cockroaches are rich in terms of protein, nutrients, and minerals. Also, the moving style and speed of cockroaches are major reasons as these factors attract the attention of cats and trigger their hunting instincts as a fun activity.

Although cats will kill cockroaches whenever they encounter them, there are minimal chances that they will eat them as well. Cats don’t like to eat cockroaches and even if they like to, the quantity is minimal to zero.

Do cats kill cockroaches

We all know that cockroaches are prey and cats will kill any kind of prey as soon as they come into sight. The unique movement of cockroaches will immediately urge a hunt and the cat will begin its work without wasting a single second.

Although cockroaches are extremely fast and can disappear in no time, a cat’s ability to see, run, and chase her prey is one of the best in domestic animals. Cats cannot only keep them in their sight but put them down with just a single attempt.

Cats usually don’t use their mouth while attacking cockroaches, instead, she jumps surprisingly and puts her paws right on the cockroach’s body. This thing doesn’t provide a gap or void for cockroaches to run away and save their life.

Cats are effective cockroach killers

Cats are effective cockroach killers

No research or experiments have been made to measure the effectiveness of cats in killing cockroaches but there are plenty of actual people’s experiences that speak quite loudly.

A farm owner claims that he has 3 farms and 2 of them have a cat while the other one doesn’t. In a few months, he realized that the farms with cats have no signs of cockroaches or any other pests while the other farm was a mess.

This unintended experiment can give an idea of how effective cats are in killing cockroaches.

Can cats smell cockroaches

For sure, cats have extraordinary levels in almost all of their senses and smell comes on top of their list. They can differentiate different smells and know which living thing is roaming around them such as cockroaches.

Can cats hear cockroaches

Cats can easily hear cockroaches or any other thing in their surroundings. They can hear even a little vibration on the ground or around them.

Can cats sense cockroaches

Cats have whiskers on their body, mainly on their legs. This specialty of cats allows them to easily detect or sense cockroaches running or even sitting near them.

How do cats find cockroaches

Cats use their senses and curiosity to look into holes and cracks which eventually lead them to find cockroaches. Hearing and smell are probably the most common senses used for this purpose.

Do cats help keep cockroaches away

Cats have been used for pest control purposes for decades if not centuries. Some people even cultivate them to utilize their beneficial hunting instinct in killing cockroaches and other pests.

Firstly, cats can kill and eat cockroaches which are not that good for them. Secondly, cockroaches consider everything bigger than them as a threat or danger, this factor stops cockroaches not only from entering your house but trying as well. This can effectively decrease the rate of growth in the cockroaches’ population in your house as well.

Do keep this fact in mind that even if cats can keep cockroaches away, it is surely not the best method to control or stop them. There are possibilities that cockroaches may start cultivating at a dark or narrow place where cats cannot even reach them at all.

Is it safe for cats to eat cockroaches

As said earlier, cockroaches are a great source of protein and nutrition but certainly not the best or safe for your cats to eat. The first thing is that cockroaches can be extremely difficult to digest because of their exoskeleton. It works as a defense for cockroaches and can cause serious issues to cats’ digestive systems.

The exoskeleton can even cause choking issues before reaching the digestive system. It is hard and big enough to block a cat’s throat while causing some serious injuries as well.

It is also possible that cockroaches may have been exposed to some kind of poison or venom that can paralyze or may even kill your cat as well.

Cockroaches keep on moving from all kinds of dirty and ugly places which make them carry various kinds of impurities and parasites with them.

Eating all those things with cockroaches can sometimes become harmful and may require you to consult a pet doctor as well.

What to do if a cat eats a cockroach

It mainly depends on the cockroaches and what conditions they have gone through. If you feel that cockroaches came from a place that has pesticides or poisonous material, you should immediately call a doctor if your cat has eaten even one of those cockroaches. You need to take steps to protect your cat from poisonous material and its outcomes.

If you feel that your cat is acting abnormally or showing signs of hurt, there are possibilities that a part or whole of an exoskeleton is stuck inside their throat. In this case, you should consult your pet doctor immediately to get this thing out as it can block the air passage which may result in death as well.

If there isn’t any of the above-mentioned, still you should keep an eye on your cats at least for a few days after they have eaten cockroaches. Some germs and parasites eaten with cockroaches can show their symptoms after a few days. If you feel that your cat is becoming lazy, they should be examined for their health.

How to stop cats from eating cockroaches

  1. One of the best ways is to place sticky traps right in front of the cockroaches’ area so that they cannot even get outside of the house.
  2. Keep your cat indoors as there are far fewer chances of encountering cockroaches as compared to an outdoor environment.
  3. Apply some roach repellents that will not allow cockroaches to come, get killed, and be eaten by your cats.

How to keep roaches away from cat food

Feed your cats indoors:

The best way is to feed your cats indoors while keeping an eye on them. We all know that having cockroaches indoors is a lot less as compared to an outdoor environment. Also, keeping an eye will allow you to take immediate action if you notice any roaches around the food.

Seal holes and cracks:

Cockroaches most commonly enter your home or indoor environments through cracks, holes, or even minor crevices. You should thoroughly check your home every week so that you can seal such holes and cracks while mitigating the chances of cockroaches to a greater extent.

Use a bug-proof bowl:

Buying a bug-proof bowl for your cat’s food can solve your problem from the beginning. Bug-proof bowls are extremely efficient in protecting food while not giving a void for cockroaches and other pests to get inside.

Use cockroach repellents:

Use foods or any other ingredients that can keep cockroaches away from the cat food. Cucumbers are disliked by cockroaches and this vegetable can effectively work as a cockroach repellent. Before using any commercial repellent, make sure that it is safe for cats as some repellents include chemicals and ingredients that are harmful or may be poisonous as well.

Store food in an airtight box:

If you’re going to store cat food even for a night, it is highly recommended to keep it safe inside an airtight metal or plastic container. There should be no gap between the bowl, box, and upper lid or cap. This practice will not only allow you to protect the food from cockroaches and other pests but it will also keep the food fresh and perfect for a relatively long time.

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