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Can Cats kill Snakes? (You Won’t Like the Answer)

Cats are extremely proficient in hunting and killing their prey no matter who they are. Not only do cats who are living in the wild have hunting abilities, but your home living cat also has the ability to kill her predators because that is what is required to live without any fear.

People usually have a clear idea about this factor but because of the snake’s sharpness and speed, they most often ask the question: will cats kill snakes? So, this comprehensive guide will give you clear information and explanation about each aspect of cats and their hunting of snakes.

Can cats kill snakes

Do cats like snakes

It can be said that cats do like snakes not in terms of loving and adoring but because of the cat’s curious nature. Also, cats and snakes are eternal competitors as they both are hunters and predators while they both like the same food as well.

Cats become curious about snakes especially if they haven’t encountered one in the past. The most surprising factor is that cats never get afraid of snakes but snakes usually get frightened and try to avoid cats.

Cats will kill snakes or just hurt them and bring them directly to you just to show you as a gift.  Even if your cat is not afraid of snakes, fighting with them can bring harm to your cats or in worse cases, death as well.

Do cats kill snakes

Cats and snakes usually like the same diet which mainly includes mice, frogs, lizards, etc. They both have hunting habits but only large snakes have the ability to kill and eat cats while small snakes are not capable of it.

Snakes move in a unique pattern and this is the major factor that urges cats to hunt them down, maybe just for fun or to avoid any danger. Cats test and utilize their hunting skills to kill this unique species. Although cats do kill snakes, it really doesn’t mean that you will not see a snake at your home.

They can come to your home most often just to eat frogs and lizards. If your cat is feeling lazy or a snake dodges her, he can roam freely in your house and may harm some residents as well.

Cats have the ability to easily kill almost all small to medium-sized snakes just with their paws. Cats’ nails are sharp and long enough to tear apart the body of snakes in no time.

Are cats good at killing snakes

Cats are extremely good at killing snakes and they usually attack the one that is trying to run away or hide under furniture or any other material. Cats can injure with just one punch of their paw while putting their sharp nails inside of the snake’s body.

Experts and researchers claim that an adult cat with good health conditions can easily kill a snake whose size is within the 6 feet range.

Various domestic or local snakes that are found in homes and have this size range include gopher snakes, king snakes, rat snakes, garter snakes, corn snakes, etc.

You will be happy to know that most of these snakes are non-venomous and cannot bring any serious harm to your cats.

Cats can only face issues in killing snakes if they are extremely large such as pythons or you have trimmed their sharp nails. Both these cases combined can put your cat into real trouble as python has the ability and is large enough to kill and eat your cat without any issue.

Can cats smell snakes

This thing is dependent on various factors such as snake types and their condition as well. It can be said that cats can smell snakes but not necessarily all the time.

Can cats sense snakes

Cats can definitely sense snakes not because of their sixth sense but it is natural that they get an idea of their enemy through senses.

Do cats know if a snake is poisonous

Unfortunately no, cats have no idea about which snake is poisonous, and fighting with them can cost cats their lives.

Why do cats kill snakes

It is in the genes of cats that they love to hunt and this love increases into many folds when the creature is wriggly or slithering. We all know that snakes fall completely perfect to this description and this is usually the main cause of cats killing snakes.

Cats’ determination to kill snakes can increase dramatically if the snake is trying to sneak away or get frightened from the cat. In such situations, killing snakes becomes a play or fun activity for the cat.

Although it is the major and most common reason behind these killings, sometimes cats just kill snakes to snatch their food as they both love to eat the same creatures.

What kind of cat kills snakes

Cats of all kinds can kill snakes as hunting is one of their most favorite hobbies and they love to practice this activity.

Do house cats kill snakes

House cats also kill snakes as they don’t need to be wild or know some extraordinary tactics to kill snakes. The ability of cats to hunt and kill snakes and related creatures is embedded in their genes and they can do it no matter what type of conditions they are living in.

Cats kill them by attacking with their paws and yes for sure, their sharp nails. Once the snake starts to attack, the cats simply wait for the right moment and grab his head with her mouth. Cat then rotates the snake’s head until it completely breaks down. This thing either makes the snake paralyzed or die at all.

Do cats eat snakes

Yes and this is a clear fact that cats can and do eat snakes and this thing can go vice versa as well. It is possible that a cat may bring a dead snake to you so that you can see her courage or maybe she wants to share her happiness with you.

But most of the time, cats just kill the snakes and eat them right on the spot. Do keep this fact in mind that this practice can sometimes become harmful for your cat as well because of the poisonous and venomous properties of snakes.

Are snakes afraid of cats

Snakes are extremely afraid of cats because of two major reasons, one is their huge size with sharp nails while the other is the cat’s ability to run fast and attack in a surprising manner.

Snakes usually try to avoid cats and if they still get caught by the cat, they will first try to get off her paws and run as fast as they can.

Snakes will always play defensive in fights with cats and they will only start to attack when they feel that they cannot sneak away or save their lives.

Striking, hissing, tail shaking, and rearing up are the few things done mostly by snakes while fighting with cats.

Do cats keep snakes away

Cats can definitely keep snakes away from your home to a greater extent but not completely as some snakes can still dodge the cat and get inside your home. If cats tend to see a snake then there are minimum chances that the snake will even try to get inside your home.

Apart from this, snakes run away as they don’t like the smell of the cat’s urine. So, if there is a smell of cat urine in your backyard or home, snakes will change their way without even trying. This is just like rodents who try to avoid a pungent smell.

Cats killing snake FAQs

  1. Can cats kill venomous snakes?

    Although cats may be able to kill venomous snakes, if the snake bites her back, it can bring major harm or may even lead to paralyzed body or death as well. Deadly snakes will take seconds to kill cats with just a single bite.

  2. Can cats kill copperhead snakes?

    Cats can easily kill copperhead snakes but the snake may not be able to harm her in some serious way even if he bites her. At maximum, the cat will get an infection in the bitten area.

  3. Can cats kill poisonous snakes?

    Cats can definitely kill poisonous snakes if it is in the size range of 6 feet or less. The aftermath of killing poisonous snakes can still be extremely alarming for the cats. Cats can get paralyzed or may even die if a snake has a high level of poison in its body.

  4. Can cats kill coral snakes?

    Although cats can kill coral snakes, they can be extremely dangerous and fatal as well. Carol snakes’ venom is powerful enough to stop your cat’s respiratory system and paralyze the cat’s body in almost no time. If you get a sign that your cat has been bitten by a coral snake, consult a doctor immediately as it can bring fatal harm.

  5. Can cats kill rattlesnakes?

    Rattlesnakes are fast but not enough to defend against the attack of a cat. Cats can easily dodge rattlesnakes’ attacks and strike his head, tearing him apart in an easy manner. She usually tries to grab his head so that the work can be done in a quick manner.

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