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Are labradoodles good running dogs

Are Labradoodles good runners? Labradoodles, known to be adorable, affectionate, and fun-loving, are starting to become more and more popular among many dog owners. However, there are still many things you need to consider before you decide to make him your official running companion.

Is a Labradoodle a good running partner

Yes, Labradoodles are excellent running partners. Dog experts and runners both claim and accept that Labradoodles is among the best companions you can ever have when you go out for a run. These dogs are athletic in general. They can maintain a decent pace and are ready to run mid to long distances.

Are labradoodles good running dogs

But, even if Labradoodles can be amazing running partners, you still need to take into account several things before you make this decision. As a result of breed variations, dogs are uniquely different from each other.

What makes Labradoodles good running partners

Personality, obedience, size, speed, and stamina all play a significant role in the ability of the dog to be an amazing running partner. In a way, having a Labradoodle is almost like you hit the jackpot because of these qualities. It was discovered that these dogs can run at 25 to 40 miles per hour.

Due to the size of these dogs, they need more exercise compared to most small dogs. It makes running with Labradoodles a positive thing for them and their health in general. The breed and size also play a big role in their stamina that ranges from moderate to above average. In general, Labradoodles are also known for being friendly and joyful. It makes them great dogs to run with even if there are other people around.

The last but definitely not the least reason why Labradoodles are such great running partners is because of their obedience. This is no doubt the most helpful if you are looking for an ideal running partner. The Labradoodles are also popular for being obedient and easy to train dogs.

These canines are highly intelligent and are always eager to learn more new things. It is a wonderful trait to have in your next running partner because this will give you the assurance that you can keep your pet in line and try and explore new locations.

How far can Labradoodles run

There is actually no hard and fast answer to this question. Just like humans, canines must undergo training and must be in great shape for them to be able to run long distances. However, unlike smaller dogs and other dog breeds, Labradoodles are able to run long distances. If in shape, a Labradoodle can run even extremely long distances.

In fact, it will not be absurd to claim that a Labradoodle can run up to 20 miles or even more. Labradoodles are not just able to go on such long distance runs because you will surely notice that they are more than happy to do it with you every time.

How fast can Labradoodles run

Even if you consider yourself to be a fast runner, it would not be hard to tell that you can never beat a Labradoodle during a sprint. Due to being a large dog breed, a Labradoodle can run up to 35 miles per hour or even more. But, always remember that every dog is different.

You can almost be sure that many Labradoodles can run up to 25 miles per hour without much trouble. This means that there is no need to slow down every time you take your Labradoodle out for a run.

There is no need to worry if this maximum speed is intimidating for you or is well beyond your personal limitations because sprint speed is never the sole consideration you have to take note of. If you will also consider the length, many Labradoodles are often most comfortable at the medium pace of 8 to 10 minute mile. Again, just like the distance, you can also build up on the speed.

What type of terrains can Labradoodles run on

Most Labradoodles can adapt to different varieties of terrains. These dogs excel the most on trails in particular.  However, they may not be suitable for those rocky terrains that are difficult to maneuver and very jagged. But, your Labradoodle will surely love it more if you opt for a well-traveled path.

If you plan to go on a trail run with your pup, it will be wise that you take it a bit easier in terms of speed and distance for you to determine if they can adjust.

What types of terrains to avoid running on with your Labradoodle

The extremes can be very harsh on your Labradoodle. Although they can run perfectly fine on flat surfaces, the pavements can be hard on the paws of your pet. It will be best to stick to dirt or grass to ensure that you don’t harm their paws every time you run distances.

Another extreme are mountainous or rocky terrains. When there are tough foot positions and there are rocks everywhere, these might be a bit difficult for their paws. Even if it is only a trail that just happens to have some ups and downs and hills, you can feel free to give it a try. They will surely appreciate this challenge.

When can you let your Labradoodle run

At what specific age can your Labradoodle become your running partner? Just like other dogs, you should avoid doing heavy exercises or running with your pet if he is still a young puppy. In general, the rule to follow here is to wait until your dog is 18 months up to 24 months of age if you still got some reservations.

Due to the larger size of these dogs, it will be a good idea to exercise with your Labradoodle first before you give it a try. Taking your dog out for regular walks every day can help prepare them for once they reach the right age to start going for a run. The most crucial thing here is to feel things out and to see how they will react when they begin to be more active and keep up with your activities.

What can you do to train your Labradoodle to become your running partner

The good news is that it is easier to train Labradoodles compared to other dog breeds. These dogs can pick up the things they learn fast.

An easy way of teaching these dogs to run is to start practicing. You can do it by using a short leash measuring 2 to 3 feet then try it on yourself. You can use your own waist for this purpose or it will just be fine to hold onto it. See to it that you have some treats with you.

When your dog maintains pace and stays with you, don’t forgive to give him some treats. When your Labradoodle tries pulling you in another direction, it will be best to just ignore him. Stop then wait for your dog to return to your side.

Be sure to start slow and it is also important to know how your dog runs. You can begin by walking at reasonable price and mix in several running intervals. Make sure that you also give your pet lots of time to walk between the jogs. Don’t forget to give water to your pet immediately after. When you notice the ears of your dog starting to go flat or if he stops to lay down, it is a sign that he is already running for a long time.

Drinking and eating right before the run may be detrimental to the ability of your dog to perform. If ever your dog will eat or drink, make sure that it is only in small amounts. During the run itself, it is also recommended to have a collapsible water dish handy to keep your pet hydrated as needed. Once the run is over, you will also have to ensure that your dog drinks something and wait for several minutes before you give him something to eat.

Dogs are often in state of alertness after exercise. Every time you run with your dog, especially when there is something new that happens, you should never forget to spend some time afterwards to keep an eye on him and be present to make sure that your dog handles it well.

How much exercise does your Labradoodle need

Labradoodles tend to be very active dogs. The recommendation is to give them 30 to 60 minutes of exercise per day. It will also help if you can take out these dogs for a walk two or more times a day since they are highly active and intelligent at the same time and this means they require mental and physical stimulation.

What are the exercise requirements of Labradoodle puppies

The Labradoodle breed is highly active and this begins when they are still young. The general rule of thumb is to give your pup 5 minutes for every month of their age two times a day. This means that a 5-month old puppy needs 25 minutes of activity two times a day.

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