Last Updated : November 26, 2022

Why do cats like refrigerators?

We all have a habit of checking the fridge time after time even if we have just had lunch. Humans usually look into the fridge to eat something and pass the time even if they are not hungry. The same goes for cats as well. We have other jobs to do but cats only have three things to do, eat, sleep and repeat.

You should have an idea that cats love to hunt and when you keep them at your home as pets, they may stay calm but their genes will never allow them to leave some habits and one of such habits is looking for food wherever they can.

Why do cats like refrigerators

So, when you see your cats roaming around the refrigerator, you may ask, why do cats like refrigerators? Or Is it safe for cats to roam around the refrigerator? Well, just continue reading this article to have all your confusion answered in one place.

Why do cats like to go into refrigerators?

With time, cats get the idea that almost all of their tasty food is kept inside the refrigerators. They like to eat food almost every time even if they eat in small quantities.

This is the reason why cats always try to get inside the refrigerators. Your cats may also like to go into the refrigerators if the temperature is high and your air conditioner is not working.

They would love the cool air coming out of the refrigerators. In a nutshell, food is the major thing that attracts cats to go into the refrigerators while cooling and warmth can be categorized as secondary factors.

Why does my cat meow in the fridge?

Cats don’t like everything you feed them and some cats will try their best to get the food they like. Your cats know that you put some delicious foods and edibles in your refrigerators.

So, when you place a bowl in front of a cat of food that is not liked by them, they will go right next to the refrigerator and start meowing. This is just an indication that she wants to eat something from the refrigerator.

Why do my cats sleep on top of refrigerators?

Cats like to sleep in a place where nobody can disturb them. We all know that cats love to live like queens and they want to have proper comfort in anything she does. In houses, a refrigerator is probably the only thing that has a high altitude.

Cats can see what is going on and can analyze the likelihood of their nearby environment as well. Apart from this, if the refrigerator is running constantly, the top of the refrigerator is usually warm which provides an extra comfy environment for cats to sleep.

Why do cats sit on top of the refrigerator?

An instinct is in the genes of cats that they like to sit in high places so that they can have a proper view from the above and can protect themselves from predators. This thing cannot be changed even if they are growing up in the house from the beginning.

So, if you see your cat sitting on top of the refrigerator, you can simply assume that the cat is just trying to perch up from other people in the home. Your cat just wants to stay in a high place and watch people doing their daily routine activities.

Why do cats jump on the fridge?

There could be various reasons why cats are jumping on your fridge. The fitting is that jumping from one place to another is just a common habit in cats and just because the refrigerator is a high place, they jump on it for fun.

The other factor could be that cats want to have some food from the fridge. This thing usually happens if cats are unable to open the refrigerator door and want you to help them out. So, they try to jump on the fridge so that you can be attracted.

Is it safe for cats to sleep on top of the refrigerator?

Yes, it is completely safe for cats to sleep on top of refrigerators. Refrigerators are indeed high but not high enough to harm cats if they fall.

Apart from this, cats are extremely efficient in terms of keeping themselves in a place where they don’t fall easily. Also, cats have instincts that they wake up immediately if they are about to fall.

So, don’t worry and let them sleep peacefully as cats like to sleep in the refrigerator as the place is quite warm and provides them with a clear analyzing spot as well.

How do I  keep cats away from refrigerators?

Although it is safe for cats to roam around and sit, sleep, and jump, on the refrigerators, if you don’t like them to do this, you can implement any of the below-mentioned techniques to prevent cats from getting near the fridges:

  1. Install any other high spot in the house with all the comfort factors.
  • One of the best things is to put double-sided tapes in fridges.
  • Place compressed cans as they will release air and sound when stepped on and cats don’t like this thing.
  • Put small plant pots around the fridges that are not liked by cats.
  • Put water on a baking sheet and place it right where cats like to sit.

Can a cat survive in a refrigerator?

Cats can survive in a refrigerator but not for a long time. The temperature in the refrigerator is so low that it can freeze the cat and lead them to death in the long run.

Although experts claim that cats should not stay in the refrigerator even for a few minutes, cats can survive a few hours if they are in good health conditions.

Some incidents have happened where cats have survived 19 hours without facing any major health issues. However, you should not risk cats’ lives by letting them stay in the refrigerator even for a few minutes.

What happens if cats live in refrigerators?

Refrigerators have a cool environment but are not as cold as a freezer. Still, almost all kinds of minor to major health issues can arise if your cats stay in the refrigerator for a long time. Some of the most common issues that can occur include the following:

  • Fatal hypothermia
  • Breathing difficulty
  • Blood clots
  • Immediate sickness
  • Long-term illness
  • Allergic reactions
  • Dizziness

No matter what is the condition of your cats after you take them out of the refrigerator, it is always the best option to contact a vet and take the medications as soon as possible.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can my cat jump off a refrigerator?

Yes, cats jump off the refrigerator and there are very minor chances of getting an injury. Cats are highly efficient when it comes to jumping from one place to another or from high places. Cats don’t usually get hurt even if they jump from a place about 7-8 feet high and the refrigerator is not that high in most cases.

Why do cats scratch the refrigerator?

When cats look into the refrigerator, they see their reflection in the shiny covering. Cats then assume that it is another cat looking at them and is almost going to attack. To protect themselves, cats tend to start scratching the refrigerators. They do this while thinking that they are just attacking the cats to save their life while it is just their reflection in the refrigerator.

Is it normal for cats to hiss on the refrigerator?

Yes, it is completely normal for cats to hiss on the refrigerator as they look at their reflection in the shiny covering. They assume it is another cat and hiss at her so that she can run away instead of attacking her.

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