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Can cats eat poppy seeds?

Cats owners like to feed everything to their cats so that their precious pets can taste different varieties of foods, present in the world. This thing is just another way of showing their love and affection for their cats. It may be considered good practice but it is always necessary to have authentic knowledge about the food so that you don’t end up feeding food to your cat that is not beneficial or may be harmful to cats.

Seeds are often considered toxic and people tend to ask some questions frequently such as, can cats eat poppy seeds? Are poppy seeds safe for cats to eat? Are poppy seeds toxic or poisonous to cats? As soon as you complete reading this article, you will have answers to all these questions along with a bunch of other related information as well.

Can cats eat poppy seeds

Can cats have poppy seeds?

Not at all. Poppy seeds are considered extremely dangerous for cats to eat and they should never be given to them in any way.

You may have heard that your cat will only face any bad circumstances if given poppy seeds in huge quantities. Although this claim is right to some extent, you should still not take a chance to feed poppy seeds even in small quantities.

Experts claim that poppy seeds can directly attack the nervous system of cats which can result in some minor as well as major outcomes in terms of illness, dizziness, laziness, or euphoria.

Do cats like eating poppy seeds?

The likes and dislikes of foods are different from cat to cat which means that some cats may like to eat poppy seeds while others just don’t.

The same thing is with sensitivity as well. After eating poppy seeds, some cats may have different symptoms and signs of illness as compared to others.

This is the reason that the immediate reaction to eating poppy seeds is feeling sleepiness and dizziness in some cats while euphoria and drowsiness in others.

Are poppy seeds toxic for cats to eat?

Yes, poppy seeds are completely toxic for cats to eat and should be avoided at all costs. You may go for other parts of poppy seeds or poppy plants to feed your cats but get this fact placed in your mind that almost every part and everything related to poppy seeds is just toxic.

Are poppy seeds poisonous for cats to eat?

Poppy seeds are extremely poisonous for cats to eat and should never be given to them in any way. Cats’ stomachs are sensitive and they are not able to withstand foods that have even a small amount of toxicity while poppy seeds are just completely toxic to cats.

Apart from this, cats cannot digest food properly if given in large quantities which means that you will put your precious cats at risk of death if you feed poppy seeds to cats in large quantities.

Are poppy seeds safe for cats to eat?

No, there are different kinds and species of poppy seed around the different parts of the world but almost all are toxic in one way or another.

They can cause harm if eaten by cats. The main reasons are the number of opioids and alkaloids in the seeds which can initiate different health issues in your cat’s body.

Just avoid feeding poppy seeds and all their parts to your cats because they can cause some severe health issues or maybe lead your cats to coma as well.

How many poppy seeds are good for cats to eat?

Some people and experts claim that your cats may only start to experience the bad effects of poppy seeds if they eat poppy seeds in large quantities.

However, it is recommended not to feed even a single poppy seed to your cat as it is toxic and poisonous and can cause some major health issues.

Even if there are some cases where cats have faced no bad effects after eating 1-2 poppy seeds, still you should not put your cat’s life and health at risk.

What can happen if cats eat poppy seeds?

All parts of the poppy seeds or poppy plant are toxic for cats to eat and there are many minor to major health issues that can occur in terms of an immediate reaction or a long-term illness. Some of the most common symptoms, signs, or health problems include the following:

  • Sleepiness
  • Dilated pupils
  • Euphoric
  • Slowed heart rate
  • Lethargy
  • Vomiting
  • Decreased appetite
  • Upset stomach
  • Disturb digestive system
  • Loss of balance
  • Vocalization
  • Zoned out
  • Coma
  • Breathing difficulty

How to diagnose poppy seed poisoning in cats?

You may start to recognize the symptoms such as vomiting and avoidance of food but the authentic diagnosis can only be done by a physical examination. If you feel that your cat is experiencing poppy seed poisoning or any other health issues after eating poppy seeds, taking your cat to a vet would be the best decision.

What to do if my cat eats poppy seeds?

If your cat is showing minor symptoms of health issues, you should immediately contact your vet and get your cat medication so that you can handle the issues before it becomes huge.

You may also call the pet poison helpline especially if your cat is showing extreme symptoms of illness.

Doing this as fast as you can is essential because even a small amount of poppy seeds can cause long-term illness and sometimes coma as well.

Nutrition Facts of Poppy Seeds:

Below is the table listing all the nutrients included in poppy seeds. Having a look at the composition will give you a clear idea of why poppy seeds are not a good food item for your cats to eat.

Poppy Seeds (100 grams)Nutrition Facts
Saturated fat4.5g
Monounsaturated fat6g
Polyunsaturated fat28.6g
Potassium719 mg
Net carbs8.6g
Vitamin B60.2mg
Vitamin C1mg
Vitamin E1.8mg
Magnesium347 mg
Phosphorus870 mg
Folate 82μg
Aspartic acid2.4g
Glutamic acid4.3g

What seeds can cats eat?

You may have heard that all seeds are toxic for cats to eat. Well, this is not the reality because some seeds are just fine while there are also seeds that bring a good amount of health benefits to your cat as well. Some of the best suitable seeds for cats to eat include the following:

Frequently Asked Questions

Can cats eat poppy seeds dressing?

No. There is no denial that poppy seed dressing doesn’t have that many poppy seeds to cause any health issues to your cats. Still, the dressing includes other ingredients in its composition that are toxic to cats and cause illness. In a nutshell, you are advised to keep everything related to poppy seeds, away from your precious cats.

Can cats eat poppy flowers?

No, all parts of poppy seeds or poppy flowers are toxic for cats to eat. There are alkaloids and opioids in poppy flowers that are toxic for cats to eat and can cause major health issues. You should not give even a single flower as it can harm your cat’s health while putting her life at risk.


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