Last Updated : November 22, 2022

Can cats eat pretzels?

Pretzels are one of the most addictive snacks and are usually consumed in almost all regions of the world. It is a baked snack whose taste is enhanced by adding salt and other spices in the recipe. We all know that once you have tasted a pretzel, there is no way you want to leave a single piece on the plate.

It is a favorite and quite a good snack for humans but when it comes to your precious pets, you may ask, can cats eat pretzels? You may also wonder if they are ok for pets to eat, are pretzels safe for cats to eat as well? Well, just continue reading this article as it will not only provide you with answers to these common questions but will address all the aspects related to pretzels and cats’ behavior after eating them.

Can cats eat pretzels

Do cats eat pretzels?

In a single straight word, Yes. Cats do eat pretzels and they usually like them as well. Pretzels are a great snack and are made using ingredients such as water, wheat flour, yeast, shortening, and salt. All these ingredients are somehow safe for the cats to eat in moderation.

Experts claim that even if pretzels are safe for cats to eat, they should be cooked properly and efficiently because any wrong or miscalculation of the ingredients can cause digestive issues in the cats. One major example is adding too much salt or spices can cause cats to vomit or make them feel dizzy.

Can cats eat unsalted pretzels?

Yes, cats can eat unsalted pretzels, and as long as you are giving them in moderation, they possess no harm to their health as well. Experts claim that eating 1-2 gluten-free pretzels would be good for the cats but as a snack, not as the main meal.

Can cats eat peanut butter pretzels?

In a single word, No. Cats should never eat peanut butter pretzels as they are carnivores which means that they love getting all their nutrients from meat-based foods. Apart from this, various species of cats are allergic to such ingredients and it is better to avoid feeding peanut butter or chocolate pretzels to your cats.

Can cats eat flavored pretzel sticks?

Cats can eat flavored pretzels but not all flavors are completely safe for the cats to eat. You should have an idea that if an ingredient is toxic to cats, pretzels flavored with those ingredients should be avoided. One of the most common and major examples is chocolate-covered pretzel sticks and these should never be given to cats.

Are pretzels ok for cats to eat?

Pretzels are almost OK for cats to eat but we all know that the composition contains salt as well and these ingredients can cause issues if added too much. Also, feeding too many pretzels can increase the amount of salt in a cat’s body which can easily lead to some health issues, mainly including

  • Vomiting
  • Diarrhea
  • Seizures
  • Depression
  • Increase in body temperature
  • Dizziness
  • Avoidance of food

You can conclude that almost all the above-mentioned issues are minor but if they get worse, they can easily lead your cat to death. Therefore, pretzels should only be given to your cats in moderation.

Do cats love eating pretzels?

Cats have the curiosity that urges them to taste everything they see in front of them but when it comes to pretzels, they love eating them. Many pet owners claim that their cats like eating pretzels, while sometimes they steal some from the kitchen as well.

There is a lot of seasoning done on pretzels to make them salty or sweet but the fact is that cats like to eat both of these tastes.

Keep this fact in mind that cats cannot taste sweet things which means that they are not attracted to sweet food but will eat it if you provide them. One thing is sure, pretzels should be kept secure so that your cats cannot eat a lot without you knowing.

When cats should not eat pretzels?

There are a few health conditions that should be considered before feeding pretzels to your cats. Experts and vets claim that a cat should not be fed pretzels if it is suffering from any of the below-mentioned issues:

  • Sensitive stomach
  • Suppressed immune system
  • Digestive problems
  • Diarrhea
  • Vomiting

If we look into a deeper perspective, it can be said that kittens, sickly cats, nursing cats, pregnant cats, and elderly cats should not eat pretzels at all costs.

Apart from this, it is highly recommended by vets, and experts to avoid feeding pretzels to your cats that are covered with chocolate or xylitol. This is said because both of these ingredients are toxic to cats and can cause health issues within a few minutes.

How many pretzels are good for cats to eat?

People assume that just because their cats enjoy eating pretzels, there is no issue in feeding them many but that’s not the case.

Cats should only be given pretzels in moderation. Experts claim that only giving 1-2 pretzels at a time would be enough.

Pretzels should only be fed to cats as a supplement, not as a main course food. Some vets even suggest that 1-2 pretzels, once in 1-2 months is a good quantity and frequency for cats to eat.

Nutrition Facts of Pretzels:

There is no denying that pretzels are filled with a wide range of nutrients, proteins, and vitamins which can bring various health benefits to your cats.

Below is a table detailing every little chunk of nutrition facts in pretzels that will help you understand its composition and make the decision-making process easy.

Pretzels (100 grams)Nutrition Facts
Saturated fat0.6g
Monounsaturated fat1g
Polyunsaturated fat0.8g
Net carbs73.6g
Vitamin B60.3mg
Vitamin C1mg
Folate 54μg
Aspartic acid0.6g
Glutamic acid3.4g

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Are pretzels bad for cats to eat?

    Pretzels are not bad for cats to eat if given in small quantities and not so often. As pretzels are made with different flavors and coverings, it is recommended to keep pretzels away from cats that have seasoning or coverings of toxic ingredients such as spices, chocolate, etc. Apart from this, make sure that pretzels are cooked properly and all their ingredients are given in appropriate amounts as well.

  2. Can kittens eat pretzels?

    No, kittens should not eat pretzels. Kittens are too young and their stomach is not powerful or grown-up enough that it can withstand pretzels. There is no doubt that kittens will enjoy eating pretzels too but they will find too much difficulty in digesting the food. Also, there are possibilities that the stomach gets issues because of different spices and sensitivity.

  3. Can pretzels kill cats?

    Pretzels can only kill cats if you feed too many to your cats in a small time. Apart from this, pretzels are hard and big as well which means that they can choke cats as well. But the last answer will be the same: if you feed your cats in small quantities, there are no chances that pretzels can choke cats or kill them because of the ingredients.

  4. Do cats like salted pretzels?

    Cats do like eating salted pretzels. You may be amazed to know that cats also crave salty foods just like we humans do. Apart from this, the crunchy texture and beautiful smell of pretzels make cats more attracted to this food. Only ensure that you feed 1-2 pretzels once in a month or two.

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