Last Updated : November 23, 2022

Can cats eat barley?

We all know that cats are carnivores which means that they love to get almost all of their nutrients from meat-based foods, but is it the end line? Certainly not, cats also love to taste and enjoy other foods where greens, seeds, and flowers are the most prominent. Barley can be found in almost all households, in one shape or another. Humans consume it quite so often while in some regions of the world, barley flour is used in almost every meal.

If you have cats in the house, the thought of, can cats eat barley? will come into your mind. You may also ask, is barley grass safe for cats to eat? Or is barley healthy for cats? Well, just continue reading this article as you will surely get all your answers as soon as you complete reading this short and comprehensive piece of useful information.

Can cats eat barley

Do cats eat barley?

Yes. Cats do eat barley in almost all of its forms. Barley is rich in nutrition and fiber which means that cats will not only love to eat this food but will get a bunch of health benefits as well. Eating barley can cure the upset stomach in most cases and make it easy for the cats to digest different kinds of other foods.

Experts and vets mention the possibilities that your cat may vomit sometimes after eating barley but this is not an issue of concern. Occasionally, vomiting can happen or your cats may even regurgitate after eating barley grass but as long as it is not severe, your cats are good to go.

Can cats eat cooked barley?

Yes, cats can eat cooked barley and cats usually find them quite tasty as well. Cooked barley is easy for cats to chew and digest as compared to raw barley. Apart from this, there are also some differences in terms of benefits gained from cooked and raw barley.

Can cats eat boiled barley?

Yes. Cats can eat boiled barley and eating them is easy as well. You can add boiled barley in any other food you are feeding your cats or can be given directly as well. Boiling barley also reduces the risk of getting an upset stomach or disturbed digestive system.

Is barley poisonous to cats?

No, barley is not poisonous to cats or any other pets. We can even say that barley is one of the few foods that can be given to cats and it will not have any side effects.

Only make sure that the barley was stored without any pesticides as some stores use pesticides or tablets to keep barley seeds fresh and away from bugs.

In such cases, it is better to wash the barley first and then give it to your cats either in cooked or boiled form.

Can you feed barley grass to cats?

Yes, you can feed barley grass to your cats as it is full of various nutrients, fibers, minerals, and vitamins. Almost all the species of cats love to eat barley grass or barley shoots. The best thing about feeding barley grass to your cats is that they will not only enjoy eating it but will gain benefits as well.

Do cats like eating barley grass?

Cats find barley grass sweet and tender which means that they love eating it. The basic reason behind cats liking barley grass is its soft shoots and a bunch of minerals, vitamins, and nutrients that come along with it. The cats that don’t go out of the house would be more likely to try such greens.

Is barley healthy for cats to eat?

Barley is one of the best healthy foods for cats as long as it is given in moderation. Just because it includes a wide range of nutrients and minerals required by the cats, they bring numerous health benefits to cats. Some of the best and most prominent advantages of feeding barley to your cats include the following:

  • Digestive aid
  • Prevent hairballs
  • Antibacterial agent
  • Reduces hunger
  • Reduces weight
  • Lowers cholesterol
  • Lowers heart disease chances

Can barley grass make cats sick?

Barley grass itself doesn’t possess any harm to the cats but external factors or material mixed with grass can make your cats sick.

First thing is to ensure that no pesticides or fertilizers remain present on the grass as they can directly lead to cats’ health issues.

Also, sometimes there are microscopic barbs attached to the grass. If taken inside, they can upset the stomach and cause discomfort in the throat or mouth of the cats as well.

Can cats eat barley grass every day?

Cats love barley or most other fresh, green grass because of the minerals, enzymes, and vitamins present in them. But it is highly recommended by experts and vets not to feed grass or any other non-cat food every day. Everything that doesn’t fall in the proper cat food category should only be given to cats as a supplement.

What can happen if cats eat barley?

Nothing major would happen if your cats have eaten barley because it is completely safe for their health. Sometimes cats tend to vomit a bit, for once and this thing should not be considered a threat to her health or something. It is possible that your cat is regurgitating after eating barley but experts and vets claim that this factor is also normal and can occur without causing any harm or damage to the cat’s health.

Nutrition Facts of Barley:

There is no denying that barley is filled with a wide range of nutrients, proteins, and vitamins which can bring various health benefits to your cats.

Below is a table detailing every little chunk of nutrition facts in barley that will help you understand its composition and decide how much barley is good for your cats to eat.

Barley (Pearled, Raw) (100 grams)Nutrition Facts
Saturated fat0.2g
Monounsaturated fat0.1g
Polyunsaturated fat0.6g
Net carbs62.1g
Vitamin A1μg
Vitamin A IU22IU
Vitamin B60.3mg
Vitamin K2.2μg
Folate 23μg
Aspartic acid0.6g
Glutamic acid2.6g

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Can cats eat too much barley grass?

    It is better to keep your cats away from eating too much barley grass as it can lead to health issues, in some cases. Experts also recommended that cats should only eat barley grass on an occasional basis so that they can stay healthy and gain benefits from the vitamins and minerals in the grass as well.

  2. Is any grass safe for cats to eat?

    Almost all the fresh grass is safe for cats to eat but you need to take care of a few factors. One thing is that the grass should not be treated with any kind of fertilizers or pesticides. Another thing is to only give grass to your cats in moderation, not too much, not too often.

  3. What to do if cats overeat barley grass?

    If your cat is regurgitating a bit, it is completely normal and you don’t have to worry about this factor. But if your cat is showing some serious signs and symptoms or getting ill or having health issues, it is recommended to contact a vet as soon as possible.

  4. Can cats eat pearled barley?

    There is no issue in feeding pearled barley to your cats, instead, it will make it easy for the cats to chew and digest the food. It can be said that barley in almost all of its forms can be given to cats without having any concerns about their health because barley has no to very few side effects.

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