Can cats have purple eyes

Cats are one of the most cutest and lovely pet animals out there. What we all like even more about the cats are their cute little eyes. There are a lot of myths about a cute cat having fabulous purple eyes. But, is it even possible or not? Can cats have purple eyes? If yes, then what types of cats have purple eyes? What are the other possible eye colors that a cat possesses?

These are the questions that all of you want to be answered and we are here to explain everything to you. So grab a cup of tea, and let’s explore.

Can cats get purple eyes?

Can Cats Get Purple Eyes

No! Till now, there has been no such evidence that a cat has purple eyes. Certain lighting conditions can make a cat’s eye look blue-violet or purplish but in reality, there has been no such cat existing with purple eyes.

Actually, the eye color of the cats is decided by genetics and all the other inherited data. The cat’s eyes have melanocytes present in the iris that is responsible for producing melanin which is the eye pigment responsible for giving certain color to the eye.

The color and density of the cat’s eye depend upon the concentration of melanin cells present in its eyes. If there are a large number of melanin cells present in the eyes of the cat, then it will give out a more intense, dense, and deeper color whereas if the number of melanin cells is a few then the cat’s eyes will give out a less intense and lighter color. So this is how the color scheme works among the cats.

Albino cat with purple eyes

As we just said above that the color of the cat’s eye is controlled by the melanin pigments present in there.

So, albino cats are the ones that have no pigment present in their eyes at all. True albino cats give out a pink or red outlook. However, sometimes albino cats also give out a pale or deep bluish shade. It has also been observed that albino cats with blue lenses and red pupils often reflect a purple color and that’s why people say that albino cats have purple eyes. But in actuality, it’s merely an illusion.

White cats with purple eyes

White cats with purple eyes are extremely rare and almost non-existent. The fact is that blue-colored eyes are the ones that have been observed the most in white cats. The reason is that the genetic setup of white cats is designed in a way that they don’t allow any other color to show up and that is the reason why they have a white coating with a blue portion in the middle.

Black cat with purple eyes

A black cat with purple eyes seems non-existent. If you look at a few pictures, you will clearly find out that these are edited and photoshopped. The most common eye color that has been noticed with a black cat is orange. Yellow and copper colors are also seen in a lot of black cats. You will also find a lot of black cats with blue color and that’s why some people mix them up with purple-colored black cats.

Gray cat with purple eyes

Gray cats with purple eyes are also impossible and rare to find. The reason is pretty obvious that purple eye color is very rare among the cats except in some cases where the reflection of a few different colors gives out a purple outlook. But in general, finding a cat with pure purple eyes is quite difficult.

Gray cats have been mostly seen with green, blue, and hazel-colored eyes.

Gray tabby cats with purple eyes

The most fascinating thing about gray tabby cats is that they are found in a variety of colors. However, finding a tabby gray cat with purple eyes is also rare and next to impossible. The most common gray tabby cat eye colors that have been observed the most are orange, hazel, brown, green, and blue. The mixture/reflection of certain colors may give out a purplish shade, but there are no gray tabby cats with natural purple color yet.

Common colors of cat eyes

The thing we all love about cats is their cute and colorful eyes. Different cat breeds have different colors and that is the reason why a lot of people often get confused that what is the exact number of eye colors the cats can have.

Well, the eye color of each cat depends upon the concentration of melanin cells in their eyes. Different cats have different concentrations of melanin cells and that is why they have different color codes as well. Let’s take a look at the most common cat colors:

  1. Yellow
  2. Orange
  3. Green
  4.  Blue
  5. Hazel
  6. Mixed

These are the most common eye colors that are observed among cats. What is the spiritual meaning of big black cat with green eyes?

What color can cat eyes be?

What Color Can Cat Eyes Be

Actually, the thing is that cats can have a variety of eye colors. To understand this better, you need to learn how the cat’s eye color is formed.

So basically, there’s a thing called melanocyte present in the eyes of the cats. Melanocyte produces melanin cells which are responsible for giving out a color to the eyes of the cat. If the concentration or number of melanin cells is high, then the eyes will give out a more dense, intense, and darker color, while if the number of melanin cells is low, then the cat’s eyes will have a less intense and less dark color accordingly.

However, most of the cats have common eye colors as we have mentioned above such as yellow, blue, brown, and hazel, etc.

When do cat eyes change colors?

When Do Cat Eyes Change Colors

We just learned above that the color of a cat’s eye is controlled by the concentration of melanin cells. So when a cat is born, it has a fewer amount of melanin cells present in its eyes and as the cat starts growing, its body produces more melanin cells and its eye color starts changing. A moment comes when the cat’s body stops producing more melanin cells and then the color of the cat’s eye at that stage becomes its permanent eye color.

It usually takes 4-10 weeks.

Can cat eyes have two colors in the same eye?

Can Cat Eyes Have Two Colors in the Same Eye

A cat rarely has two colors in the same eye but it does happen under a specific medical condition known as heterochromia. In this condition, a cat develops two colors in the same eye.

Cat eye colors chart

Cat Eye Colors Chart

Generally, the cats have the following eye colors:

  1. Blue – Rarity of the color 6/10
  2. Green – Rarity of the color 5/10
  3. Hazel – Rarity of the color 2/10
  4. Orange – Rarity of the color 8/10
  5. Amber & Yellow – Rarity of the color 1/10
  6. Copper – Rarity of the color 8/10

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