Last Updated : November 29, 2022

Can cats eat chia seeds?

Everyone loves their cats and wants to see them in their best shape. People look for different foods that can help them not only satisfy their hunger needs but make them grow in an efficient way. As there are many food options available, you may have thought of chia seeds as they are full of nutrients and proteins that can be proven as a full-fledged food package for your cat’s development.

Before you move on to feeding your cats chia seeds, you may ask questions; can cats eat chia seeds? Or are chia seeds safe for cats to eat? Well, you will surely get all your answers in this short but comprehensive article as it will go through all frequently asked questions and important aspects related to chia seeds and their behavior when given to cats as a food. 

Can cats eat chia seeds

Do cats eat chia seeds?

Cats do eat chia seeds and it is considered one of the best supplements to be given to your cats. Chia seeds are filled with enormous amounts of nutrients and health benefits that can keep your cats healthy and fit without requiring any additional efforts.

Cats usually enjoy eating chia seeds as you can mix them in any of their food and cats will take them inside without any issues. There are some cases where some cats avoid eating chia seeds but such cases are extremely rare.

Are chia seeds OK for cats to eat?

Straight answer to this question, Yes. Chia seeds are not only OK for cats to eat but they are completely safe and healthy as well. Only make sure that you are feeding chia seeds as a supplement food by mixing it in the cat’s existing meal.

Simply add a few seeds into their food bowl and let them eat it. Keep in mind that chia seeds swell a lot when ingested and this factor can cause issues.

To avoid such problems, it is better to only feed chia seeds in small quantities so that they can efficiently chew it and digest it without facing any harm or health issues. It is better to feed seeds with some fluid as it will help cats to take seeds inside and digest them easily.

Why are chia seeds good for cats to eat?

Although there is a long list of benefits that come along with chia seeds, below are the top three factors that encpmoases a collection of advanatgaes if given to your cats.

  • Chia seeds are rich in nutrients, vitamins, and minerals which is a proven package to make your cat’s body strong and help them grow big and stay healthy in the best way possible.
  • High amounts of dietary fiber make cats capable of getting rid of toxins and keep the blood and heart-related aspects fit and functioning well.
  • Various antioxidants keep bad things away from the cat’s body. Having antioxidants in a cat’s supplement diet will protect your cat from cancer, heart diseases, and getting old in a rapid manner while repelling various chronic issues as well.

How many chia seeds can I give my cats?

You can easily determine an appropriate amount of seeds by comparing them with the size of your cats. Experts recommended feeding about half a tablespoon of seeds to a cat weighing 5 pounds.

Make sure you measure the seeds way before soaking them in the water or any other fluid because their size will increase after shaking and you may not be able to get the exact amount of seeds as in ½ tablespoon of dry seeds.

How do I feed chia seeds to my cat?

There are no hard-to-do processes when it comes to feeding chia seeds to your cats. They usually come in dry form when bought from the market.

  1. Measure ½ tablespoon while the seeds are dry.
  2. Put the seeds in a small amount of water and let the seeds stay in there for a few minutes to soak.
  3. Wait until a small and almost transparent film membrane starts to show around the seeds in the water.
  4. Now simply add these soaked seeds to any of the food that you were going to serve your cat as her next meal.

What can happen if cats eat too many chia seeds?

You don’t have to worry much because if your cats eat too many chia seeds, the maximum thing which can happen is a mild illness or diarrhea. Such issues can easily be treated by prescribed medication.

The worst thing that can occur is not because of the seeds themselves but the choking factor which can cause difficulty in breathing and may lead to death as well. As the seeds swell when soaked, there are possibilities that a cat may not be able to takedown seeds from its throat if it eats too many at the same time.

What do chia seeds contain in their composition?

Chia seeds are jam-packed with a wide range of nutrients, minerals, and vitamins, which can help your cats grow and stay healthy in a better way.

Apart from this, the seeds also have almost all different kinds of amino acids which combined with nutrients and minerals, keep cats safe from heart issues and major diseases such as cancer.

Dry Chia Seeds (100 grams)Nutrition Facts
Fats (+omega-3 fatty acids)74g
Vitamin A54IU
Vitamin C1.6mg
Vitamin E0.5mg
For a Serving Size of 100 grams (100g) dried Chia seed

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Are dry chia seeds good for cats to eat?

    It depends but experts recommend soaking the seeds in water before feeding them to your cats. Dry seeds are rough and can swell in your cat’s mouth which can make it difficult for the cat to digest. Dry seeds are extremely difficult to chew while soaked seeds will become soft and easy for the cat to chew and digest as well. 

  2. Can cats be allergic to chia seeds?

    Cats can be allergic to chia seeds especially if they have a medical record of being allergic to other related food such as mustard, sesame seeds, etc. In this case, avoid feeding chia seeds if you are not sure whether your cat is allergic or not. It is better to start with a minimum quantity (could be 1 seed at the beginning) and keep on increasing the quantity of seeds cycle-by-cycle to test your cat’s behavior.

  3. Can you feed chia seeds to cats while she is on medication?

    There are a few cases where cats have faced health issues when they were given chia seed while they were on medication. In such cases, it is better to have a word with an expert or vet and take their suggestion. If they allow you after hearing about your cat’s conditions, you may go but if they warn you of a minor risk, it is better to just back off.

  4. Is it essential to grind chia seeds for cats?

    Grinding is not essential at all. You may grid it as it will make it much easier for the cat to eat along with her routine meal but you can feed them simply after soaking as well. You are only required to grind seeds of some specific types such as flax or related seeds.

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