Last Updated : November 18, 2022

Why does my dog roll on his back and growl

Do you have a dog at home that keeps rolling on his back and growling?

If yes, then you must be curious to know why do dogs roll on their back and growl? What are the reasons behind that? & What does it symbolize?

Why does my dog roll on his back and growl

This article will teach you everything about it so get ready and let’s go!

Do dogs roll on their backs

Yes, dogs do roll on their back.

If you have a dog at home, then you must know that dogs have different body language signs to communicate with other dogs, humans,& express their reactions to something.

One of such signs is rolling on the ground.

Now the real question in your mind would be that why? Why does your dog roll on the ground and growl?

Let’s answer that in complete detail:

Why does my dog roll on his back

Here are all the major reasons why does your dog roll on his back:

1. He is asking for your attention

Dogs are playful animals and they always want the attention of their owner.

If your dog is rolling on the ground then it could be a symbol that it is asking for your attention.

You can give it a belly rub or spend some time playing with it. After that, your dog will become relaxed and stop rolling on the ground. It is completely normal behavior and there is nothing to worry about.

2. He is scratching an itch

Just like us humans, dogs also have some body parts that they cannot reach with their claws.

Now, whenever they feel an itching sensation on those parts then they start rolling on the ground to relieve themselves.

It is also completely normal behavior. However, if your dog is doing it too much – then it is a symbol that your dog may have some skin allergy or something similar and that’s why it is itching the skin too much.

Therefore, it is better to get it checked by a skin specialist.

3. He is trying to cool down

When the temperature is too hot, then the dogs try to find cold spots to chill out and relax.

In addition to that, they may also start rolling on the ground and expose their bellies up in the air to cool down.

It helps them get fresh air and relax.

4. He is feeling safe

If your dog is rolling the ground while sleeping then it means that he is feeling safe and confident.

He’s loving the environment around him and feeling completely relaxed in this secure environment.

5. He is showing submissiveness

The study of dogs’ body language says that whenever they roll on the ground, it can also be a symbol of showing respect to the other person or dog.

They want to tell the other person or dog that they are friendly and they will not be hostile towards them.

Why does my dog roll around on his back in the grass

Is your dog rolling on his back in the grass, but you don’t know why?

Well, here are all the major reasons behind that:

1. He’s having a good time

You know that grass is very soft and fluffy, right?

Whenever dogs feel happy and playful then they like to roll on the grass.

They are just having a good time and enjoying themselves by playing on that soft grass.

2. He’s trying to get rid of some debris

Dogs keep roaming around for the whole day and they often end up getting their skin dirty.

Sometimes, different kinds of debris can get stuck in the skin of your dogs such as dirt particles, bird dropping, and similar stuff.

In such a case, the dogs feel very uncomfortable and they start rolling on the grass.

Since the grass is abrasive so it works like a comb and helps the dog to remove all the debris from their skin.

This is why your dog rolls on the grass.

3. Trying to mask their smell

One more reason why dogs roll on grass is that they are trying to mask their smell.

This is one of their old survival instinct. They roll in the grass to mask their smell with the smell of grass so that the predators and prey cannot detect them.

It helps them go into stealth mode and hunt more easily or stay safe from predators.

Why does my dog roll around on his back and growl

Is your dog is rolling and growling on the ground but you don’t know why it is doing so?

We will explain all the reasons in complete detail:

1. He’s trying to threaten

When a dog is growling, it means that the dog is trying to convey a message that “Stay Away from Me!”

Whenever the dogs feel threatened by something then they start growling and act aggressively.

In such a case, it is not recommended to go near the dog and touch it.

2. He’s trying to express fear

If there’s a new dog or person in your house that is trying to get too close to your dog, then your dog may start growling to express his fear.

Other signs include tenseness in the body of a dog (especially the legs).

3. He’s trying to protect his territory

If someone has occupied the bed, toys, or food of your dog then your dog may start growling and rolling on the ground.

He is expressing his anger and asking you to hand his thing back to him.

Should I give a belly rub to my dog when he is growling

No, you are not recommended to give a belly rub to your dog when he is growling.

The reason is that growling is considered to be a sign of a dog expressing his fear, anger, and threat.

If you go close to him, then the dog might think that you are challenging him and he may attack you.

Instead, you can try calling your dog and see if it comes walking to you and starts playing, and then you can give it a belly rub if it’s in a good mood.

Should I stop my dog from rolling on the ground and growling

No, you should not stop your dog from rolling on the ground and growling.

The reason is that it is completely normal behavior and you should not worry about it.

If you will try to punish your dog for rolling or growling then it will become more aggressive and resentful against you.

Instead, what you can do is try to divert the attention of your dog towards something else.

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