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Can dogs eat plantains

Plantains are the cousins of bananas but with a different texture and taste. But, can dogs eat plantains? Keep reading this guide to learn everything there is to know about plantains and dogs.

Can your dog eat plantains

Yes, your dog can eat plantains but you need to feed them only in moderation and in small amounts.

Can dogs eat plantains

Many dog owners mistakenly believe that plantains are toxic to canines. This is probably because of the other plant known as plantain lily, which is found to be toxic to dogs.

However, this plant resembles lavender instead of a banana tree and doesn’t bear fruits.

Health benefits of plantains for dogs

Total Fat0g0g3g1.2g
Vitamin A112.7IU90.9IU138.6IU119.2IU
Vitamin C1.8mg1.1mg3.2mg0.3mg
Vitamin E0mg0mg0.5mg0mg
Vitamin K0.1μg0.1μg2.9μg0μg
Plantains nutrient value per 10 grams

Plantains are excellent sources of fiber that can help ensure regular bowel movement and better digestive health for your pup.

Studies also revealed that plantains have several antimicrobial and anti-inflammatory properties as well. This may also help in dealing with kennel cough.

Plantains can also reduce digestive inflammation and have antiseptic properties that help fight off common types of food-borne illnesses.

This food is also an excellent source of potassium that is essential for heart health.

Is plantain good for your dog

Yes, plantains given in moderation are good for your dog because of their nutritional benefits. These have high amounts of vitamin C that are beneficial for a dog’s immune system. As stated earlier, plantains are also good sources of magnesium and potassium.

Is plantain bad for your dog

Technically, plantains are non-toxic for dogs. However, they contain high amounts of fiber as well as natural sugars or carbohydrates.

Humans love to eat foods rich in fiber and plantains happen to be rich in natural fiber. Unfortunately, fiber is not that great for your pup.

The digestive system of canines is sensitive to things like fiber. Excessive fiber can make them suffer from diarrhea. It is the reason why you should limit the amount of fiber that your dog eats daily.

If your pup suffers from blood sugar problems, you also need to stay away from fruits like plantains. One more concern with plantains and their sugar content is that when your pet follows a diet with high amounts of carbs and sugar, this can lead to weight gain that can cause other health concerns such as heart disease and diabetes.

Potential side effects of plantains for dogs

Fiber both has a potentially negative effect and a health benefit for dogs. Yes, it may help boost their digestive health but at the same time, it can also make your pup suffer from digestive problems if he eats plantains. Dogs that consume lots of plantains may suffer from diarrhea.

It is always best that you serve your pet with only small amounts of dog-friendly human foods since high amounts of fiber and dietary changes can lead to gastrointestinal upset.

Are plantains dangerous for your dog

Plantains only become dangerous for dogs if they consume excessive amounts. This is because plantains don’t inherently contain toxic chemicals.

Plantains also contain high amounts of starch that can be hard on the digestive system of your pup if they consume more than a little of it, even if cooked.

Can dogs eat fried plantains

In general, you should not give fried plantains to your dog. While it might be the most ideal way to prepare plantains for your consumption, it might not be good for your dog. It is because the frying process already includes other ingredients and additional fat that may not be safe for your pet. Excessive fat can make your pet develop pancreatitis or inflammation of the pancreas.

Can your dog have sweet plantains

Yes, dogs can consume sweet plantains provided that their sweetness is because of being ripe instead of having sugar added. It is never recommended to add some sugar to treats or foods of your dog.

Can dogs eat plantains chips

No, dogs cannot eat plantain chips. Plantain chips are salty and sweet that making them tasty snacks for humans. However, when it comes to your dog, it is best to give your pet steamed or raw plantains only. Plantain chips have high amounts of fat and sodium that may not be safe for canines.

Most commercial chips also often contain some other ingredients that may be toxic to your pup including onion, garlic, and canine pepper.

If you want to share some plantain chips with your pup, see to it that they don’t contain any dangerous ingredients. Also, make sure that you only feed your pup a few plantain chips. You can find other better alternatives for snacks if there are no fresh plantains available.

Plantains may make for healthy occasional treats but it is best to stay away from both plantain chips and fried plantains that may not be healthy or even downright dangerous for your pooch to eat.

Can dogs eat plantains lily

No, dogs cannot and should never eat plantain lily. Even if they share the same name, plantain lilies are different plants from plantains. Plantain lilies are highly toxic not only to dogs but also to horses and cats because of the chemical they contain called saponins.

The good news is that it is easy to tell them apart since plantains and plantain lilies don’t look alike, with the latter not bearing any edible fruit.

Are plantains and plantains lily the same

No, their names may be the same but plantain lilies or also called hostas are highly toxic to dogs and other animals.

The plant doesn’t bear fruits and is not in any way related to the family of bananas. If you suspect that your pup ingested any form of this plant, you need to call your vet immediately since the plant’s toxicity can cause some serious complications.

Can dogs eat plantain leaves

It is best not to give plantain leaves to your dog to stay on the safe side. While the leaves may not be toxic, these are not meant to be eaten at all.

Can dogs eat plantain bananas

Plantain bananas may come in different forms and whether or not dogs can eat them will depend on their specific state or condition.

Can dogs eat raw plantain bananas

No, dogs cannot eat raw plantain bananas as these could be bad for the body of your pup. Even if this has no effects on blood sugar levels, this may still cause digestive issues.

Stomachache and loose stools are among the consequences of eating raw plantain bananas that are the result of their high dietary fiber content. To prevent it from happening, avoid letting your pup munch on raw plantain bananas.

Can dogs eat green plantain bananas

Unripe plantain bananas have a green color and are not as sweet. So far, dogs can eat green plantain bananas as long as they are cooked. Be sure to follow the safest methods of cooking green plantain bananas for your dog.

Can dogs eat yellow plantain bananas

Just like bananas, plantains also turn yellow once they become ripe. The good news is that yes, your dog can eat these yellow plantains. Once they become more yellow, plantains also become sweeter. Most dogs enjoy eating cooked ripe or yellow plantains more than green ones.

Can your dog eat plantain peel

No, you should never allow your dog to eat the peel of plantains. This contains more fiber than what the stomach of your dog can digest properly. It may make your pet suffer from an upset stomach. Don’t forget to peel the plantains before cooking and giving them to your pup.

Can your dog eat plantains cooked using coconut oil

Yes, it is safe to let your dog eat plantains cooked in coconut oil. But, as always, be sure that you only keep it in moderate amounts.

Coconut oil is beneficial for dogs as it helps improve their coat and skin. it is also believed to benefit their heart health and immune system.

Can your dog eat dried plantains

Yes, dogs can eat dried plantains as long as they are already fully ripe. It doesn’t matter if you naturally dry them out under the sun or put them in the oven at a temperature of not more than 105 degrees Fahrenheit, you can let your pup munch on some dried plantains.

Can your dog eat boiled plantains

Yes, the safest method of cooking plantains for your dog is through boiling them. It helps break down the fiber contain in plantains and makes these easier to consume for your pup. Just make sure that you use only minimal amounts of salt and avoid using harmful spices or herbs.

Can your dog have plantain weed

No, dogs should never eat plantain weed. The plantain weed is a type of broadleaf weed whose leaves are large and oval-shaped. This contains excessive fiber that makes them unsafe for dogs. Even if it is non-toxic, never give plantain weed to your dog.

What are plantains

Plantains are known as a staple food in Caribbean Islands, northern South America, Central America, and Central and West Africa. These cousins of bananas are less sweet and starchy but can be very delicious when cooked. Plantains are nutritional and heart and often prepared as chips, making them great foods to add to your diet.

And every time you munch on those tasty plantain chips, chances are your doggo will also be right there begging at your feet for these sweet and savory treats.

Are plantains healthy

Yes, plantains are exceptional treats high in fiber that you can give to your dog. As a dog owner, you surely worry about the health of your pet. The good news is that plantains are rich in minerals and vitamins such as magnesium, potassium, vitamins A and C, and fiber for added benefits that can boost their health.

Just make sure that you cook thee first. Plantains, unlike bananas, are best consumed cooked for digestive and taste purposes alike since these tend to be quite starchy. When uncooked, breaking down the starches will require a lot of work and effort on the part of the digestive system.

Nutritional breakdown of plantains

Plantains contain 32% carbohydrates with 15% sugar, 2% dietary fiber, 65% water, 1% protein, and 0.4% fat, with around 122 calories in every serving of 100 grams.

Plantains are excellent sources of vitamin C, vitamin B6, and a great source of potassium and magnesium.

Do plantains have anti-inflammatory properties

Yes, plantains are anti-inflammatory. Letting your dog eat foods with anti-inflammatory properties will help them deal with different common problems. It aids in improving the overall health of their immune system, cardiovascular system, digestive system, and their coat and skin.

Excessive inflammation is among the biggest culprits behind a plethora of illnesses that can compromise the health of your dog. Keeping your pet away from pro-inflammatory foods such a French Fries or sugar and switching these with other foods like plantains is a great way to improve the health and extend the lifespan of your pup.

Difference of bananas and plantains

Plantains are tougher, larger, and with higher amounts of calories, carbohydrates, and starch compared to bananas that are richer in sugar and fiber. These two fruits belong to the same plant family with a notably rich nutritional profile that features high levels of potassium together with vitamins C and A.

Plantains are often used for making fries or chips that can be very delicious. Bananas, on the other hand, are consumed raw or added to baked treats such as breads and muffins.  

Which is healthier: plantains or bananas

You can never go wrong eating any of these two fruits because both of them have remarkable nutritional profiles. If you are wondering which is healthier between these two, the answer depends on what you are looking for or what you need for yourself, or your pet’s diet.

If your goal is less calories and extra fiber, bananas are better options than plantains. But, when you don’t have such concerns, you can choose the one that is more appetizing for you and your pup.

Since the two have the same nutritional content, you don’t have to be too confused when choosing one over the other as both are excellent options.

Can dogs eat plantains if they have an allergy to bananas

If your dog has a banana allergy, it is best to avoid plantains since they belong to a similar botanical family, which means that it is more likely to experience an allergic reaction.

Common dishes using plantains

Plantains are often used in a variety of dishes all over the world. Plantain chips are already mentioned earlier but these are just among the many options out there.

In Africa, plantains are often served in a dish known as alloco in Ivory Coast. The dish consists of fried plantains that are covered in tomato onion sauce and served with meat, typically fish.

Plantains are used in the dish known as fufu de platano in the Caribbean. It is mashed and boiled plantains combined with herby sauce and chicken stock. Plantains in India are usually fried in coconut oil or sweetened rice flour.

There are still many other dishes that use plantains. These can also be mashed down into flour, boiled with sugar, spices, and water to create a delish drink, and can also be used as a decent alternative for ketchup.

How to prepare homemade plantain chips for dogs

Now that you know that dogs can eat plantains and can be great additions to their diets in the form of healthy snacks, it is time to learn how you can use these in different dishes.

Although it was mentioned earlier that dogs shouldn’t eat plantain chips, preparing these treats on your own can make them safe enough to share with your pup.

Homemade plantain chips are a great way for you to cut down on calories and salt coming from fat that are very common in most commercial brands.

You will only need three simple ingredients for this, namely 3 ripe plantains of dark yellow color with some black spots, one teaspoon of salt, and 3 tablespoons of melted coconut oil or olive oil.

Here are the steps to follow to prepare healthy homemade plantain chips that you can share with your pups:

  1. Preheat your oven to 425 degrees Fahrenheit.
  2. Line parchment paper in a large baking sheet.
  3. Peel the plantains.
  4. Slice the plantains to pieces with a thickness of ¼ to 1/3 inch. It is best to slice at an angle so you can increase the length of the chips.
  5. Toss the plantain pieces carefully in oil and salt or you can also lay these out on the baking sheet in case they are already too mushy for you to toss that can cause them to break.
  6. Bake the plantains for up to 10 minutes. Flip them over and bake the other side for another 10 minutes.
  7. Remove the plantains from the oven.
  8. You can let them cool down first although the chips are best served warm.

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