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Can dogs eat matzah

Quite often a time, many pet owners (most especially dog owners) are saddled with the problem of choosing the best healthy food suitable for their dog diet among hundreds of available alternatives.

We train our dogs for instructions, proper hygiene, exercises, etcetera. As a result, we become more concerned about the best foods that will keep their physical and mental alertness in shape. There are arrays of dog food out there, but I’m making this write-up about one of the most underrated fodders out there that might be beneficial to our dogs healthwise – the Matzah. Now the question is, can dogs eat Matzah?

Can dogs eat matzah

Matzah knew as matzo, matzoh, or matzah is from the Jewish people of Israeli. Matzah is bread without any rising agents like the popular baking sodas, powders, and ammonia. It is believed that in the mood of frantically leaving Egypt, the Israelites decided to make bread to take along with them in their journey. But because this was hurriedly done, they forgot to add yeasts (a baking agent). As a result, the Jewish eat Matzah as Passover food on the 15 of April every year to celebrate the liberation of the Israelites from their tormentor – Pharaoh.

Matzah can be prepared in various ways depending on the recipe the culinary is working with. Matzah could come in the form of balls or crackers. Matzah crackers are made from a dough of water and flour that has not to have to rise.

According to tradition, matzah crackers must be made from 5 grains: Wheat, rye, oats, barley and spelled. On the other hand, matzah ball, unlike the crackers prepared with bland flavors, can be prepared with additional ingredients like carrots, spinach, or pepper.

Over the years, there have been debates on the health benefits of eating matzah to both humans and animals. Most of the arguments against the consumption of this edible rise from deviation from the normal conservative process of making bread. Most people believe it lacks the suitable ingredient and nutrients provided by the usual white bread we see on the shelves in our favorites stores.

As a result of the unsettled controversies, the edibility of Matzah by humans and animals has left so many questions unanswered.

Therefore, in this article, the information shall be provided to address some of these questions. However, my searchlight shall only be focused on an animal, with the dog playing the central role.

Can dog eat matzah

Yes, dogs can eat Matzah but must be regulated as too much consumption of Matzah could affect them. According to a gastroenterologist, a sheet of plain Matzah is almost twice as fattening if compare to a slice of white bread. So to avoid obesity, one must control the intake of Matzah by one’s dog.

Can dogs eat matzah ball

Ordinarily, Matzah is a known filler because it supplies the body with the carbohydrate which can be provided by every other staple.  Matzah ball is very nutritious because it is prepared with additional ingredients which could help make up for the deficiencies in ordinary Matzah.

When Matzah is prepared with soup, it will give it a more pleasant taste and make the meal more nutritious. For example, when Matzah ball is prepared with Carrot, it will serve as a suppressant to the fattening content of the Matzah. Therefore, feeding dogs Matzah balls can provide their body with the required nutrients.

However, we must be cautious when feeding puppies with Matzah balls because most times they have problems with digestion.

Can dogs eat matzah crackers

Just like the Matzah ball, dogs can eat Matzah crackers but one must take into cognizance the level of intake per day. This is necessary because compared to Matzah ball, Matzah crackers have the potential of getting our dogs overweighted as Matzah cracker supplies more fat.

Do dogs like matzah

In most homes, Matzah is not a regular meal you can find on the family’s menu list and you can barely find Matzah on the shelves of pet smart stores.

Matzah is definitely not the usual peanut butter that most dogs fancy to eat so it’s definitely going to look strange to them seeing it for the first time. So it’s perfectly OK if they feel reluctant to eat it at first. But if you can get them to have it the first time, they might actually grow some actual likeness for your Matzah.

Should dogs eat matzah

It can be done to extend the commemoration of the Jewish tradition to them. But not as part of their daily meal timetable because there are lots more other nutritional foods readily available in our various stores today. So it is safe to say they don’t need to eat Matzah as there’s no specific biblical reference to the dog having them.

Is matzah safe for dogs

There’s no known specific side effect or illness that has been likened to the consumption of Matzah by dogs. However, dogs react to certain foods in different ways. So one must actually be on the look for any change in attitude or behavior after consumption.

How often can dogs eat matzah

Most pet owners keep a certain dieting routine for their pets so it’s advisable to see a veterinarian see how Matzah can fit into the perfect diet routine of the dog.

Can dogs eat matzah everyday

No! It’s not advisable as Matzah tends to be high in calory.

Can puppies have matzah

No! As puppies most puppies have shown signs of indigestion after consumption in the past. And in general, puppies’ tummies are sensitive to human foods.


We can give dogs Matzah to eat but not regularly as Matzah is high on calories and dogs’ healthy diet includes protein as the base. Also, dog owners must watch out for any side effects after consumption. But as for pups, it should be avoided! In both cases, the attention of a veterinarian must be sought to determine if Matzah actually falls in line with the dog eating routine.


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